Aborterrorism: Comparing the “Abortion Holocaust” to “Terrorism”.

Yes, it is perfectly logical and justifiable to compare the “Abortion Holocaust” to “Terrorism”.

LifeSiteNews has recently reported about a new video from ‘Priests for Life’ (c.f: Ultimatum:new video compares abortion holocaust with 9/11. (warning:graphic), by Kathleen Gilbert, August 7, 2012). This video makes the comparison between the abortion holocaust in the U.S.A and the 9/11  terrorist attack in New York.

Like my pro-life American friends, ‘Priests for Life’, as a Canadian pro-life advocate, I firmly believe in showing the Canadian public the horrific and graphic truth about abortion by using graphic images of abortion. These graphic images make  ‘visible’  the  ‘invisible’ murders of Canadian babies behind closed doors of the blood-drenched abortuaries.

Yes, I fully affirm Fr. Frank Pavone’s (National Director of Priests for Life) analogy between abortion and terrorism. In Canada, I protest daily (M to F) on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, with my graphic signs of ‘Malachi’, aborted at 21 weeks.

Just below the graphic image of  ‘Malachi’  I have in large print, a word which I coined some five years ago. It is the word  ‘aborterrorism’. Just under it are the words…’Is the worst form of terrorism’.

Let’s have a look at the parallel between these two acts of terror, abortion and the 9/11 Terrorist attack.

 Both the unborn aborted babies and the born adult victims of the 9/11 attack:

1)  Were ‘intentionally’ killed.

 2) The victims were given no warning of the deadly attack, they died ‘suddenly’.

3) The victims died a violent, brutal, painful death while their bodies were dismembered.


                                              Both, acts of pure terrorism!


According to the Canadian Department of Justice, part of the definition of ‘Terrorist Activity’ under the “Anti-Antiterrorism Act” describes a “terrorist activity” as being committed:

1) intentionally,

2) causing death or serious bodily harm to a person by use of violence.

Yes, like unto terrorist activities, aborterrorism is committed intentionally and causes sudden death of the unborn baby by violent and painfull means.

The stark difference however between the 9/11 terrorist attack and aborterrorism is that aborterrorism, as the worst form of terrorism is legally sanctioned throughout most countries of the world, including Canada. It has become a worldwide genocide of tsunamic proportions. Why? Because, with the invention of the ‘birth control” PILL, pro-choicers are playing the role of God, deciding when the conceived baby will live or die. 

In cases where it is ‘sex, sex, sex’ and a child is out of the question, and  the ‘Pill’ fails to prevent conception, ‘Plan B’ is abortion!

Multitudes throughout the earth are pursuing a sex-obsessed (c.f: “Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.” LifeSiteNews, John Jalsevac, Aug 3/12) self-centered, indifferent and godless lifestyle. They have absolutely no concern for the aborterrorists who kill the unborn baby who had managed to escape the deadly effects of the ‘Pill’.

Thank God there is still hope for the defenceless unborn babies. There is still a ‘remnant’ of peaceful, God-loving, caring, pro-active, pro-life advocates united together to defend and promote a ‘Culture of Life’. Together we are begging God’s merciful intervention in this intense battle between the ‘Culture of Death’ and the ‘Culture of Life’. The young generation is becoming more and more ‘pro-life’ every passing day. They are becoming more conscious of the devastating effects of the ‘Culture of Death’ on the future generations.

One day, soon, the horrors of aborterrorism will be ‘no more’.

 “I call heaven and earth to witness this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Choose therefore life, that both thou and thy seed may live. (Deuteronomy 30:19)


Donald Andre Bruneau,

Pro-life advocate, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.




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