“Be ‘Prophets of Truth’: Don’t Be Intimidated by The Supreme Court of Canada’s Decision in ‘Whatcott Case’.

Canada is now in the throes of the most dangerous crisis which can affect man due to the decision by the Supreme Court of Canada in the ‘Saskatchewan (Human Rights Commission) v. Whatcott’ Case released on Feb 27, 2013. This crisis calls out for ‘Prophets of Truth’!

 Born-again Christian ‘William Whatcott’ was found guilty of ‘hate-speech’ for distributing flyers that exposed the ‘sinful’ behaviour of homosexuals. Even though Whatcott made it very clear that it is the ‘sin’ of homosexuality that he is against and not the ‘sinner’ (i.e., the homosexual), the Supreme Court of Canada did not accept his defence.

 Whatcott said himself that the judges ‘reconstruction of truth’ is an ‘excuse for censoring’. He added: “There you got it. Label truthful statements you don’t like ‘hate speech’ and therein lies your excuse for censoring the statements you don’t like.”( http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/whatcott-supreme-court-labelled-truth-hate-speech-in-homosexuality-case )

 So the Supreme Court has ‘trumped’ the Christian’s freedom to quote the Truth of the ‘Word of God’ with their power as Supreme Court Judges. They are in fact saying: “From now on we the Judges will decide what is Truth and we will muzzle and punish anyone who proclaims the Truth of the Word of God if we deem it necessary.”

 Here is the question that we Christians have to ask ourselves: “In the face of the Supreme Court decision against William Whatcott, will I be SILENT or  will I speak forth the Truth?

 As William Whatcott said: “I won’t stop speaking the truth and am prepared to lose my freedom and what few assets I have, rather than be silenced and reject the crosss my Saviour has for me.” (LifeSiteNews.ca)

 With this decision in place the words of the late Pope John Paul 11 are so relevant and important:

 “Man is able to recognize good and evil (emphasis mine) thanks to that discernment of good and evil which he himself carries out by his reason enlightened by Divine Revelation and by faith through the law which God gave to the Chosen People beginning with the Commandments on Sinai.” (Encyclical Splendor of Truth. (44) )http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/john_paul_ii/encyclicals/documents/hf_jp-ii_enc_06081993_veritatis-splendor_en.html

 Because the Supreme Court has called evil (i.e., the homosexual lifestyle) good and good (William Whatcott’s position of homosexuality) evil, Canada has truly created and entered “The most dangerous crisis which can affect man: the confusion between good and evil, which makes it impossible to build up and preserve moral order of individuals and communities.” (Encyclical Splendor of Truth (93))

 From here on in there will be mass confusion between good and evil and the effects of sin. God is counting on courageous men and women like William (Bill) Whatcott to declare the Truth in the face sin such as homosexuality. Will you be one of the prophets of Truth?

 I, for one will not stop speaking forth the truth because it is the truth of God’s Holy Word that sets the captive (such as homosexuals) free and gives us Eternal Life.

 “And you shall know the truth: and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)

 As Christians, let us not submit to fear of unjust laws but rather be Prophets of the Truth even if it may mean imprisonment and in some cases martyrdom. Pope John Paul ii described so well the importance and the great need for us to proclaim the Truth.  He said:

 “By their eloquent and attractive example of a life completely transfigured by the splendour of moral truth, the martyrs and in general, all the Church’s Saints, light up every period of history by reawakening its moral sense. By witnessing fully to the good, they are a living reproof to those who transgress the law.” (cf: Wisdom 2:12) (Encyclical Splendor of Truth, pg 141)

 Be a witness to the Truth!

 Set the captives free!

 Donald Andre Bruneau.






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