“Canadians, it’s high time to stop ‘aborterrorism’ in Canada!”

Cyril Winter protesting abortion Bank St. Ottawa April 20, 2017

Cyril Winter protesting abortion Bank St. Ottawa April 20, 2017

Canadians, it’s high time to stop  ‘aborterrorism’  in Canada

Aborterrorism is the worst form of terrorism on the face of the earth. Aborterrorism is carried out every day in Ottawa at 65 Bank street and throughout Canada.
This terrorism which is known as ‘abortion’ is the sudden, violent, and deadly assaults against human beings while they are still in the womb of a woman. Remember, science proves that human life begins in the womb from the moment of conception.
The terrorists which we call doctors, kill these innocent, helpless and defenceless children (babies) by means of either ‘suction aspiration’ or ‘D & C’. In the first few months of the baby’s life the suction procedure shreds the babies into bits and pieces.
In the ‘Dilation and evacuation’ method the baby is torn apart piece by piece…an arm, a leg, parts of the torso and decapitated head. It is utterly gruesome!
In Canada abortion is permitted throughout all stages of a woman’s pregnancy!
Deadliest place in Canada is the womb of a woman

Deadliest place in Canada is the womb of a woman

Now, what prompted me to write about ‘aborterrorism’?  It is my response to Heather Mallick, a journalist who writes for ‘Torstar News Service’. Her article ‘Speaking up for abortion rights’ appeared in Ottawa’s Metro News April 20, 2017.
It was a reprint from the Toronto Star of April 19, 2017.
Article written by journalist for Toronto Star

Article written by journalist for Toronto Star

In her libelous and one-sided article (above)  she portrays Cyril Winter as a ‘danger’ to those women who are entering the abortion clinic to have their baby killed. I was told by Cyril that because of her hate-inciting article passersby on Bank St. spit on him, threw pop cans at him, shouted obsceneties, etc.
Cyril as usual responded  in his usual peaceful manner to this massive stream of hate by saying to them: ‘Love the babies, in Jesus name’.
Mallick also says this about other prolife demonstrators (across the street from abortion clinic): “The demonstrators are omnipresent, and creepy, some unwell, and some threatening.”
The reality is that aborterrorism does not take place on the street. On the sidewalk is where Cyril Winter is with his graphic signs of abortion. Some couples after seeing the signs turned around and kept their baby! Thanks to Cyril they   ‘saw’  the horrific truth about aborterrorism  and changed their mind, did not kill their baby.
 It is ‘ upstairs’  in the abortion clinic that aborterrorism occurs in the Chamber of Death. The violence is done in the abortion clinic!
I propose to Heather Mallick to assist an aborterrorist (doctor who kills babies) for a few hours, ( if she can stomach it!) and witness  ‘aborterrorism’  firsthand. She will witness the removal of a  defenceless tiny human being piece by piece, the arms, the legs, pieces of the torso and the head, from the womb of a woman!
Then and only then she may have a ‘conversion’ and begin to use her gift of writing to defend the rights of human beings not yet born.
Anyone who wishes to see a real abortions can go to
http://www.abortionno.org/abortion-photos/  I want you, it is graphic aborterrorism.
Mallick states and laments in her article: “Canada no longer has a prominent voice for abortion.We need one.” Does she not realize that Canada has the most radical aborterrist in the world in the name of Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister. With Trudeau, the dictator, prochoicers don’t need another voice for aborterrorism.
The New York Times on March 10, 2017 reported: “Justin Trudeau pledges $650 Million in funding for women’s abortion services worldwide.” Trudeau has an obsession with killing as many preborn Canadians as possible. He is an aborterrorist and should be jailed.
In her conclusion Mallick states “….,why are girls like this not protected from harm?”
I say to Heather Mallick: “Girls are girls, whether in the womb or outside the womb. We must protect ‘all’ girls from the moment of conception…from aborterrorism, which is ongoing   ‘upstairs’   at 65 Bank St. Ottawa and throughout Canada.
It must be stopped. Aborterrorism must be stopped. That is what Cy Winter is trying to do. God bless you Cy.
Canadians, let us all  love  the preborn babies, in Jesus Name.
Canadians need to turn back to God because without God, the source of all Love, we are self-destructing as a Nation. See the following link:
Canada is a DYING NATION.

Canada is a DYING NATION.

 Donald Andre Bruneau,
Prolife advocate on Parliament Hill, Ottawa.
April 21, 2017.
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Cyril Winter
Thank you, Donald. GBY abundantly. Cy
8:07 PM (13 hours ago)

Thank you, Donald. GBY abundantly. Cy

Cyril Winter

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