“Get Us Out Of Here!!! Get Us Out Of Here!!!…..Get Us Out From Where?!

Get us out of here! It is a very urgent plea! Who is it coming from? Is it the baby in the womb of a pregnant woman in the process of having an abortion?

 No, it is the plea of Poor Souls in Purgatory. However, both the babies in the womb of women planning an abortion and the Poor Souls in Purgatory have one thing in common.

Both groups need our help! There is tremendous charity in helping both groups!

 My purpose here is to encourage you to check out the belief in Purgatory. Not everyone believes in Purgatory. However, recently I have had occasion and reasons to give it a lot of serious thought. Please go to  www.striveforheavennow.ca and read “If You Died Today, Where would you end up? In Heaven, Hell or Purgatory?” I explain in this article my two close calls with the ‘Angel of Death’ and how that the reading of the book “Get Us Out Of Here.” By Nicky Eltz  (cf: getusoutofhere.com) was a most interesting and thought provoking read. He interviews a mystic, ‘Maria Simma’. Maria spent her whole life helping and praying for souls in Purgatory. If you don’t believe in Purgatory now, I sincerely believe you would after reading this book. Her story is very credible.

 Here is why I make the link between the Poor Souls in Purgatory and fighting abortion and the Culture of Death. The fact is that the Poor Souls can help us so much. This website testifies abundantly to this fact. http://missionbell.homestead.com/afavourgrantedbytheholysouls.html

  If we turn to them, pray for them and ask for their ‘Prayer power’, they can be an army of supporters to us in our efforts to help the unborn…


“get out of the womb alive!”


In my extra research on Purgatory, I came across an excellent website www.mysticsofthechurch.com which gives a remarkable collection of visits from the souls in Purgatory to various Saints and Mystics.

 Developing a serious and committed devotion to the Poor Souls would be to the great advantage of the unborn as I have already explained and at the same time for each one of us when we leave this life for the next. As we pray for the Poor Souls they can be a great help to us as we ‘strive for Heaven’ with the goal and the hope of avoiding Purgatory altogether. It is a win/win situation for everyone and an awesome commitment to charity for our brother and sisters, both for those in the womb and those outside the womb, in this world and for the suffering souls in Purgatory.

These suffering souls in Purgatory can be a great help to us in our fierce battle against the ‘Culture of Death’.


 Donald Andre Bruneau,



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