“Grant Personhood and Life to the Unborn.” and “Time and Love and Life.”

Grant Personhood and Life To The Unborn

Torn apart, removed, piece by piece
Dead, before leaving the womb
Yes, aborted, bring the tomb
No, not a birth, should be.
In Canada, the unborn
Degraded to status of nonperson
No rights, no protection
Makes for perfect genocide storm.
Every day, terror, sudden destruction
Deadly hands, innocent blood flows, abortionists
Allowed by evil politics
Result, death of millions.
Listen! Moms, Dads, politicians, pro-choicers
From moment of conception
In God’s eyes, unborn are special persons
Not deserving to be martyred!
Canada, of human rights so boastful
Shame! For every person, basic human right
Nothing less than right to life!
Grant personhood rights to unborn, be merciful.
Now time, political action!
Will you end apathy, silence?
Defend the unborn person, be defiant!
Restore laws, end abortion!
Donald Andre Bruneau, Ottawa, ON.

Time and Love and Life
Time and Love are precious
Together they give new Life
A new Life in the womb of a mother
Within that womb, already it’s an ‘other’
Yes, it’s a unique, other  ‘person’
How do I know?
I do, the Bible, Science and the ultrasound
Tell me so!
Donald Andre Bruneau, Ottawa, ON., Canada
Advocate for the unborn.
Jan 15, 2012

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