“My Views of ‘Kathleen Wynne’, a ‘Lesbian’, As Ontario’s New Premier: Interview by Two Ottawa University Students. By Donald Andre Bruneau. Feb 22, 2013.

On Thursday, Feb 12, 2013 I was approached for an interview on video by two young ladies, students of Ottawa University, as I was doing my pro-life advocacy on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario.

 I asked: “What are your questions? They replied: “Three questions. The first is: “What do you think of Ontario having a woman as a Premier? Secondly: “What of the fact that she is a lesbian? And third: “Should an election be held to elect a new Premier?

 To the first question I replied: “Whether the Premier is a man or a woman is equal to me providing that the Premier can effectively fulfill its duties as Premier.” To the third question I answered: “Yes, definitely, an election should be held because in a true democracy the leader of a province or a nation should be elected by the people for the people.

 We are now having to live more and more under a government that ‘grossly ignores’ the will of the people. A prime example is ‘same-sex marriage’ which was ‘imposed’ upon the people when Paul Martin was Prime Minister of Canada.

 Another recent example on the provincial level is when the McGuinty government imposed ‘Bill 13’ upon us. Under the pretext of protecting students against ‘bullying’. The passing of Bill 13 is all part and parcel of the “Homosexual Agenda” to legally get into our schools and indoctrinate our children with lies about the homosexual deadly lifestyle.

 Now to the most important question: “How do I feel about the fact that Kathleen Wynne is a ‘lesbian’ Premier?”

 “First, I feel very sorry for Kathleen Wynne, for the fact that she is a lesbian. The ‘gay and lesbian’ lifestyle is a sinful and deadly lifestyle. I am also very concerned that with her new power as Premier she will impose that lifestyle upon all the children in our Ontario schools. To see the proof of this I refer you to a report on Feb 20, 2013, by Peter Baklinsky of LifesiteNews ( cf:  http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/new-education-minister-a-longtime-supporter-of-gay-straight-alliances? ) This report leaves no doubt as to the intentions of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s goal of forcing the indoctrination of the homosexual lifestyle upon our little innocent children in our schools.

 As a concerned resident of Ontario I recognize the grave moral and physical threat that Kathleen Wynne as a lesbian and her political associates pose to all Canadians with their role in imposing the ‘Homosexual Lifestyle’ on our children.

 Canadians must know the ‘Truth’, the ‘reality’. They must be made aware for example that the homosexual dies at the average very young age of ‘42’ years. This is due to this deadly sodomistic sexual lifestyle. God created ‘Adam & Eve’ not ‘Adam and Steve’!

God created them ‘male’ and ‘female’ so that they would ‘pro-create and fill the earth. The homosexual lifestyle is totally ‘unnatural’ and opposite to the heterosexual lifestyle; instead of giving ‘life’ it brings DEATH!

 I then quoted a very important and pertinent scripture to the two students. I said: “In John 10:10: “The thief comes only to steal, and kill and destroy; I am come that they might have life, and might have it abundantly.”

 The thief in this case is the homosexual lifestyle. In this scripture we are faced with two choices. One choice brings ‘death’, the other choice, by following Jesus Christ and living His lifestyle, brings LIFE in this life and the next for all eternity, in Heaven and not in Hell.

 Before the two students left I gave them each one of my cards with the names of my websites, www.aborterrorism.ca and www.striveforheavennow.ca  on it, urging them to search them out. On www.striveforheavennow.ca on page ‘Sin & Sex’ I have a document posted titled:

 “Homosexuality: Sinful, Therefore, Deadly Lifestyle.” And “Worldwide, The Real Homosexual Agenda; Seduce and Recruit Our Children.”

 This well-researched and comprehensive document is a must-read by every Canadian, especially the parents of young children in our schools here in Ontario, because they must know the truth about the ‘Sinful and Deadly Homosexual Agenda’, which unless it is stopped now, will soon turn our little innocent children into ‘queers’, practising homosexuals!

 The reality and the sad part is that most of our leaders such as our politicians, our School Board Trustees and Catholic Bishops are afraid to speak out against the ‘Homosexual Agenda’ for fear of legal retribution and ending up in court and being sued through unjust secular laws. I know this for a fact because I have informed them of the “Homosexual Agenda” and their reaction? SILENCE!

 If we continue to remain silent we will completely lose our freedom of speech. Our political leaders are already threatening our freedom as Christians to call sin a ‘sin’. You only have to read my blog titled:


“My Response To Official Opposition Leader, Thomas Mulcair’s Claim That Christian Sexual Beliefs Violate Canadian Law.” Go to www.aborterrorism.ca .


So I ask you, will you stand up and be counted and take a stand against the Homosexual Agenda” and ‘speak out’?

 We either speak out now and reverse this deadly agenda or we are looking at another “Sodom and Gomorrah’ throughout the earth and it will be Tsunamic both in its size and its destruction of our lives and our souls!


Donald Andre Bruneau,


Pro-life advocate.


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    Thanks for your websites

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      You are most welcome.


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