“Open Letter to ‘Michael Coren’ re His Critique of Pro-Lifer ‘Mary Wagner’.








When I read your article in the Catholic Register, “Is it about the unborn?” ( CF:http://www.catholicregister.org/columns/item/19545-is-it-about-the-unborn )

I was stunned, hurt and angry.

You asked: “Is it about the Unborn?” in your critique of Mary Wagner. As a pro-life advocate myself I respond ‘Yes’, it is clearly and uniquely about the unborn, not Mary Wagner.

I believe she is God’s precious instrument to save the unborn. I ask you Michael, “Why are you using your wonderful gift of writing to attack one of ours, ‘Mary Wagner’ whose mission entails doing “the most important work on earth”.(words of Pope John Paul 11 to Fr Paul Marx, founder of Human Life International) which is the work of rescuing and saving unborn babies from  ‘aborterrorism’ (abortion is the worst form of terrorism on earth) (cf:     www.aborterrorism.ca which is the butchering and killing piece by piece of the most defenceless human beings behind the closed doors of abortion clinics.

If we as Canadians had  ‘just laws’  which respected and defended the humanity and personhood of the unborn baby, Mary Wagner would not have to do what she is doing.

Mary has the wisdom to understand that we as Christians are to obey and live by God’s Law  ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ and not obey the unjust laws of Canada which protect a woman’s right to choose to kill her own child in her womb. This justifies her civil disobedience.

(Note: For the many Canadians who don’t know it Section 223.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada states that the baby in the womb is NOT HUMAN until it is COMPLETELY REMOVED from the womb! )

You have judged Mary’s motive for her work of saving babies very harshly. Mary is on a mission from God, with an awesome love in her heart for the lives of both the unborn and their mother. She prayerfully hopes to save some of them from the jaws of death.

Mary has the courage that few people have, to enter into the Devil’s Den and prayerfully, lovingly and compassionately bring God’s presence to pregnant mothers and  whosoever else will choose to reach out to Him and be saved from death in the Devil’s Butcher Shop. Her ministry is bearing much fruit.

Please Michael, use your time and gift of writing to defend Mary Wagner and those of us who like Mary are each doing our part to fight the Culture of Death. Go after the real villains, the doctors who perform the abortions and Prime Minister Stephen Harper and all  the pro-choice politicians who could change the laws so as to respect and defend human life from the moment of conception till natural death. They choose rather to let the innocent blood of the unborn flow every day here in Canada. They will have to answer to God for this on their Judgment Day.


I repeat, pick a fight with the killers of the unborn Michael, not a peaceful pro-lifer such as Mary Wagner.

I hope and pray that you will have a ‘heart to heart’ meeting with Mary, so you can truly understand her motives and at the same time offer her an apology and a hug. God only knows once you truly know the real Mary Wagner you may want to write a book about her.

I recently learned that Mary was on a speaking tour of Poland and while there she was given something very, very special…a 1st class relic of Saint John Paul 11.

Heaven and Saint John Paul 11 have their eyes on Mary Wagner, Michael.

NOTE: for those who wish to know more about Mary Wagner’s I strongly recommend the following excellent article by Will Goodman, titled “Meet Mary Wagner, Heroic Witness to the Sanctity of Life.”



Respectfully submitted,

January 26, 2015.

Donald Andre Bruneau,

Pro-life advocate on Parliament Hill,

Ottawa, Ontario.



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