Premier Kathleen Wynne’s “Hidden Agenda” For 2015: ‘Transform Our Schoolchildren Into Gays With “Sex Education”.


 Lesbian Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne’s ‘Hidden Agenda’ in 2015 is to seduce and recruit our school children into the ‘Gay lifestyle’ with ‘Sex Education’.


If we, parents and taxpayers, allow Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government to have it’s way in the next few months with imposing ‘Sex Education’ into the Ontario schools in 2015, we can expect our schools to quickly become ‘factories’ mass producing ‘gay’ children. To say it more explicitly, they will become ‘sodomite’ children…little sodomites…for the rest of their life!

The real ‘Homosexual Agenda’ in Canada and  throughout the world is to ‘rape’ the innocence, the purity of the minds, the souls, and ultimately the physical bodies of our children. How?? By getting into our children’s schools and indoctrinating them!

(NOTE: the following article was written by the author in 2012.(CF: ) “Bill 13” became law on June June 5, 2012, CF: ( )

“In the U.S.A they have gotten into the ‘public schools’ and are presently doing the same in the Public and Catholic Schools in Canada. (c.f: PAFE, Parents As First Educators,;  Bill 13, Accepting Schools Act, 2012.) through the G.S.A’s (Gay Straight Alliance Clubs)

Some homosexuals are very militant. According to ‘’: c.f: The Real Homosexual Agenda.”  here is a list of the tactics they use in order to force their beliefs on society:

  •  “eliminating free speech by harassing and attempting to silence anyone who disagrees with them
  • “preying on children by indoctrinating and recruiting them into their lifestyle
  • “imposing their beliefs on others through activist judges and lawmakers requiring that everyone actively promote homosexuality in every institution (schools, workplace, churches, etc)
  • “destroying marriage and undermining the traditional family in order to annihilate any moral standard of behavior
  • “intolerance toward anyone who does not willingly submit to their agenda
  • “fighting for a discriminatory and unconstitutional double standard of justice by demanding that crimes against homosexuals be punished more severely than the same crimes against heterosexuals through ‘hate crimes’ legislation; and “deceptively portraying homosexuality as a harmless and victimless behavior.

The homosexual agenda is based on ‘intolerance’ of anyone who disagrees with them and is a well-coordinated, well-financed, wide-ranging, intensive effort to infiltrate and influence organizations and society at large in order to spread misinformation with the goal of recruiting children. “ (c.F: /Homosexuality/real_ agenda.html)

This extreme ‘intolerance’ by the militant homosexuals puts fear into many people.  Fr. Alphonse de Valk, editor of ‘Catholic Insight’ makes the case in his article: “Bishops must act: Moral Leadership required.” that we greatly need the support of the spiritual leaders of our Catholic Church. It is never too late for the Bishops to lead the Church in overcoming the ‘Homosexual Agenda’.

To obtain a good insight as to how the ‘Homosexual Agenda’ with the leadership of the Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, managed to pass ‘Bill 13’, go to www.catholicinsight  and read “Canadian Public and Catholic Schools under Siege.”

To give you a realistic idea what to expect this year in Ontario when GSA’s are established in our schools, I will take you to what has happened when the ‘Homosexual Agenda’ has set foothold in the public schools in the U.S.A. It is very alarming and should awaken a great concern for every Canadian parent and citizens in regards to the ‘Real Homosexual Agenda’ in our schools.

What follows is part of an excellent report by “ ” of the homosexual agenda in ‘American’ schools:

“Our public schools have become overcome by the homosexual agenda…Homosexual teachers and activists are conducting programs in public schools that include explicit and detailed instructions and discussions on various homosexual practices, including sodomy. Children in grades as early as kindergarten are being taught that cross-dressing is an acceptable practice that should be encouraged.” ( )

How have they gotten into our public schools? To answer this I refer you to an excellent article in titled: “Gay Agenda in Schools.” by Kerby Anderson.To accomplish the homosexual penetration of the public schools three key organizations were involved. Namely, GLSEN (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network), PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and GSA’s (Gay Straight Alliances) Clubs.

The excuse that these gay clubs use to get into the schools is ‘concern over student safety and the prevention of bullying’ of gays. Mr Anderson goes on to describe some of the insidious goals of those homosexual groups: “GLSEN believes the early sexualization of children can be beneficial. This means that virtually any sexual activity as well as exposure to graphic sexual images and material, is not just permissible but good for children, as part of the process of discovering their sexuality. GLSEN resources contain many hostile, one-sided anti-Christian vignettes and opinions, as well as false information about Christianity and the Bible’s position on homosexuality. This encourages antagonism against biblical morality and increases the risk that youth will experiment with high-risk behaviour.”

The goal of the ‘Homosexual Agenda’ is to seduce our precious, innocent children into the homosexual lifestyle.  Mr Anderson explains how they do this:

“Meeting with other ‘gay’ and ‘questioning’ youth, usually without parental knowledge, is a frequent theme in PFLAG materials.  At these community meetings, thirteen year olds will come into contact with college-age youth and adults practicing homosexuality.  PFLAG spreads false information about the Bible, religious faith and restoration of heterosexuality through faith. This misinformation closes the door of change for many young people, and stirs up anti-Christian and anti-Jewish bias and hostility.  Another way the gay agenda is promoted in the public schools is through Gay-Straight Alliance clubs. Today there are 3,200 GSA clubs registered.”

And as for the GSA’s (Gay Straight Alliances) that will be trying to open in Ontario schools backed by the political force of Bill13, they will provide a meeting place for students to talk about homosexuality and homosexual behaviours. To give you some idea of what really happens when students meet with representatives and speakers of these gay clubs I will refer you to “AIM Report: Bay State Teens Taught Queer Sex. June 1, 2000, “. 

( )

In this report above (it is must reading)  it shows how the homosexual state employees were teaching students as young as twelve years of age in homosexual practices. Their job was to teach the young students how to avoid getting AIDS. Rather, they opened their workshop by asking children: “How they knew, as gay people, whether or not they’ve had sex.”

They spoke about oral sex, about orifices being filled with ‘genitilia’! etc… They even spoke about ‘fisting’! They were very explicit to these twelve year old children!

Please go to the report and read it all! ( ) Eventually, soon your children in Ontario schools will be learning the same homosexual practices unless you as concerned parents contact your school Trustee and ask them to implement “Respecting Difference Clubs” rather than accept “Gay Straight Alliance Clubs! The legal right to do this is very well explained at, the website of PAFE (Parents as First Educators.)

In “P.A.F.E Asks Trustees To Implement Respecting Difference Clubs.”, Ontario lawyer Geoff Cauchi states: “Trustees have the legal right to refuse to cooperate with anything that would undermine the school’s religious character, due to the guarantee of Section 93 of the Constitution. As Mr. Cauchi says, a reasonable court should find that “it would be absurd to expect a Catholic Board to tolerate the presence in its schools of student groups that present an anti-catholic ‘counter-witness’.

It is imperative that all parents contact their school trustees and insist on “Respecting Difference Clubs” and NOT accepting  “Gay Straight Alliance Clubs”!

Some Gays are very outright in stating their reasons for getting at our children. I quote you a piece from the ‘Northern Colorado Gazette’ in an article titled: “Gay Activist Admits Gays Really Do Want To Recruit Children” by Jack Minor. Mr. Minor states: “Daniel Villarreal, a ‘gay’ activist writing for ‘’ said: “I and a lot of other people want to indoctrinate, recruit, teach and expose children to queer sexuality AND THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.”

Further on, Jack Minor in his article, speaks about and quotes Gordon Klingenschmitt, a  former Navy Chaplain: “Studies have shown the average age of an adult heterosexual’s first sexual experience is 17, but the average age of a homosexual’s first experience is 12, with half being 11 or younger when molested. That’s how homosexuals recruit children, by violating their innocence, so when they grow up they are addicted to deviant sin.”

So, you can see now so clearly why the homosexuals are ‘focused’ at recruiting the future homosexuals among our innocent, pure children in the schools. By raping and corrupting  their minds, souls and bodies at an early age, most of them become ‘addicted’ to the ‘homosexual lifestyle’ for the rest of their life.

Thank God there is ‘active resistance’ in other countries against the Gay Agenda. LifeSiteNews, on July 24, 2012 reported the following in: “International homosexualist groups enraged at Ukraine bid to ban homosexual propaganda.”

They state that Ukrainian parliamentarians have re-submitted a bill to outlaw the promotion of homosexuality in public. They will ban the promotion of homosexuality in television shows and movies, as well as prohibit public ‘Gay Pride’ events. Co-author of the bill, MP Pavlo Ungurian explained why the government is doing this. He stated: “Our goal is the preservation of the moral, spiritual and physical health of the nation. We must stop the propaganda, the positive description and the publicity…of this abnormal lifestyle.”

Also a leader of the group ‘Love Against Homosexuality’, Kukharchuk, who is a journalist, explained why his group opposes the promotion of homosexuality:

“His group holds that homosexuality is a mental disorder and that sufferers should be offered psychological help.” He also said: “deviance is bad for national security and that it has contributed to the spread of HIV/AIDS. “…it contributes to the demographic crisis in Europe and undermines the family, and families, traditional families, form the basis of any nation. WITHOUT FAMILY, A NATION CEASES TO EXIST.” Kukharchuk also warned against the gains of the homosexualist political movement that is imposing a ‘dictatorship of their ideas’. (c.f: : “International homosexualist groups enraged at Ukraine bid to ban homosexual propaganda, July 24, 2012 by Hilary White.)

It is through politics that the ‘tail is wagging the dog’.

Yes, homosexuals comprise only 1.4% of the population as per a study done in the U.S.A. “The word ‘queer’ takes on the true meaning-only 1.4% are Gay per new major Federal study…That means 98.6% of the population do not act as homosexuals do…” (    Exposing the Homosexual Agenda/Church History-The Homosexual Age.)

The homosexuals are well organized politically. For example the ‘mission’ of the ‘LGBT Political Action Committee/Gay Politics is: “To change the face and voice of America’s politics and achieve equality for LGBT Americans by increasing the number of openly LGBT officials at all levels of government.” (  /LGBT Political Action Committee.)

The LGBT Political Action Committee are accomplishing their ‘mission’ very well.The Obama administration has appointed more than 250 openly LGBT professionals to full-time and advisory positions in the executive branch. Many of the positions held by the LGBT are in the White House as advisors the President. It is no wonder the LGBT can so easily get into American schools!

How entrenched are the homosexuals into our Canadian government? How much power do they yield through judges, lawyers, Members of Parliament, Cabinet Ministers, etc? This must be known to all Canadians.

It is high time that the world be informed, be told the truth. The truth is that homosexuality is a sinful and deadly lifestyle and this must be brought out into the public eye. Only then will people who care for the survival of their Nation, of families and especially our precious little children, put a stop to the ‘Homosexual Agenda’.

Will we as Canadians put a stop to this? Will the Bishops in the Catholic Church put a stop to this or will they and Canadians idly, fearfully stand by and let the homosexuals ‘sodomize’ our children!?

Our Pope, Benedict XVI said in a homily July 16, 2012 as he addressed our current times: “This remains the mandate of the Church: she does not preach what the powerful want to hear. Her criterion is truth and justice, even if that garners no applause and collides with human power.” ( “Pope: Church must preach what God says, not what people want to hear.” by John Henry Westen, July 16/12.)

Canada is in desperate need for “Watchmen on the Wall” to protect our children from the “Homosexual Agenda” in our schools. (c.f: Ezekiel 3:17-21) As spiritual shepherd of his Diocese every Bishop has the God-ordained duty to be the “Watchman on the Wall”.

Part of his mandate as Bishop is to “Preach the Word, be urgent in season and out of season, convince, rebuke, and exhort, be unfailing in patience and in teaching.” (2 Timothy 4:2)

The Bishop must not let fear prevent him from speaking out against the “Homosexual Agenda” which is now positioned in Ontario to recruit and seduce our innocent children through “Gay Straight Alliance Clubs” in our schools as they have done in the U.S.A. and elsewhere. May the Bishops take to heart “Ezekiel 3:17-21”:

 17 Son of man, I have made thee a watchman to the house of Israel: and thou shalt hear the word out of my mouth, and shalt tell it them from me. 18 If, when I say to the wicked, Thou shalt surely die: thou declare it not to him, nor speak to him, that he may be converted from his wicked way, and live: the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but I will require his blood at thy hand. 19 But if thou give warning to the wicked, and he be not converted from his wickedness, and from his evil way: he indeed shall die in his iniquity, but thou hast delivered thy soul. 20 Moreover if the just man shall turn away from his justice, and shall commit iniquity: I will lay a stumbling block before him, he shall die, because thou hast not given him warning: he shall die in his sin, and his justices which he hath done, shall not be remembered: but I will require his blood at thy hand. 21 But if thou warn the just man, that the just may not sin, and he doth not sin: living he shall live, because thou hast warned him, and thou hast delivered thy soul.

 We need our Bishops to intervene and now!

LifeSiteNews on August 2, 2012,  has echoed what I am saying in a report by Peter Baklinsky titled:” ‘Same-sex behavior is hazardous, is harmful, and is dangerous’: Scottish Catholic media director.”

In this report we learn that Scottish Archbishop-elect of Glasgow, Philip Tartaglia, was not afraid to break the silence, to speak the ‘truth’ about the homosexual lifestyle. He was giving a speech on the topic of threats to religious freedom caused by the Scottish government’s latest push for ‘same-sex marriage’. In response to a question, Archbishop Tartaglia commented on the death of a gay Catholic M.P., David Kearns, who died at age 44 or so. It is important to note that Mr. Kearns died of ‘acute pancreatitis’ which is primarily observed in patients with aids.

The Archbishop raised the question of why the M.P died at such a young age. He also raised the fact that ‘health risks of same-sex behavior were largely unreported’.

Peter Kearney, director of the Scottish Catholic Media Office pointed out that the substance of Tartaglia’s statement was that there is “something of a conspiracy of silence (emphasis mine) around the vast array of medical evidence that exists to suggest that same-sex behaviour is hazardous, is harmful, and is dangerous.”

Archbishop Tartaglia had the compassion and the courage to speak out, to break the silence, to speak the ‘truth’ in regards to the deadly homosexual lifestyle. This ‘conspiracy of silence’ that Peter Kearney refers to must be broken! This is why I have written “Homosexuality: Sinful and Deadly Lifestyle.” with the prayers and hopes that the whole world will come to know the ‘truth’ about  homosexuality and the ‘Real Homosexual Agenda’.

Will those who care, for the sake of the protection of our children, and also for the sake of those homosexuals who want to leave this sinful and deadly lifestyle, get this message out by digital media ( e-mails, websites, Twitter, Facebook, etc) and contact their M.P and their Bishop, their spiritual leader of all denominations worldwide, that ‘Life’ might prevail, and not ‘Death’.  The ‘Real Homosexual Agenda’  must be made known!

Most important note: I also make an extremely important request to all people of Faith. Please PRAY every day that  homosexuals may discover and encounter God’s Love and Mercy and Freedom from their sinful and deadly lifestyle.

“For with God nothing is impossible.” (Luke 1:37)

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:12-13)

Note: to read the complete article on Homosexuality go to:


Donald Andre Bruneau, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
August 29, 2012, on Memorial of ‘The Passion of Saint John The Baptist’


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