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“Two Choices: God Made The Difference.” by Cy Winter

  Today: two women ; two choices. What a difference! One chose life and love for her unborn child. The other chose death and indifference . The following are the two stories.  At around one-thirty this afternoon, I saw a young woman (let’s call her Sandy) come out of the abortuary at 65 Bank St., here […]

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“We were discussing the killing of the unborn (i.e. an abortion) suddenly, she fled upon hearing the ‘truth’.”

On November 12, 2012, as I was doing my pro-life advocacy, I was approached by a middle-aged lady who wanted to give me  ‘her position’ on abortion, as she examined my graphic sign with the words “The Womb, Deadliest Place in Canada.” As I listened very carefully, she focused on my cross hanging below my neck […]

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“My Body, My CHOICE To LIVE! Say The UNBORN.

  “My Body, My CHOICE To LIVE! Say The UNBORN” whereas, the pro-choice woman should frankly say: “My body, my choice…. to kill!”  I repeat, because truth to be understood often needs to be repeated. In total contrast with the stated choice of the unborn baby (child), the pro-choice women, who of their own free […]

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