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“The Crucifixion/Abortion of the Unborn, Unperson in Canada.”

When M.P. Stephen Woodworth’s Motion 312 (c.f: www.stephenwoodworth.ca) was defeated by pro-choice M.Ps in Parliament on September 26, 2012, it  allowed for Canadian Law in Section 223 (1) of the Criminal Code to continue to brand the unborn baby/child as an ‘unperson’ while it is still in the womb. What are the consequences of being […]

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Protest Against Motion 312

Watch the Concordia University T.V interview with Donald on The ‘Hill’ April 25/12 when abhout 100 pro-choice ‘Radical Handmaids, came to protest against MP Stephen Woodworth’s motion.

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Aborterrorism.ca uses only peaceful means to promote protection for the unborn.