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“Open Letter to ‘Michael Coren’ re His Critique of Pro-Lifer ‘Mary Wagner’.

          Michael, When I read your article in the Catholic Register, “Is it about the unborn?” ( CF:http://www.catholicregister.org/columns/item/19545-is-it-about-the-unborn ) I was stunned, hurt and angry. You asked: “Is it about the Unborn?” in your critique of Mary Wagner. As a pro-life advocate myself I respond ‘Yes’, it is clearly and uniquely […]

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Open Letter To Prime Minister Stephen Harper About Aborterrorism.

I am writing to you Stephen Harper, the leader of our once great and wonderful country of Canada, where at one time “all”  human rights were protected. It is shamefully no longer so.  The ‘Culture of Death’ is quickly destroying Canadians and Canada and you, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, are knowingly doing nothing to stop it! Canada has […]

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“Choose Life, Don’t Choose Abortion, Don’t Say “Yes” To The PILL.” by ‘Rose Nadeau’.

Personal Testimony of  “Rose Nadeau”  on the  ‘Birth Control Pill’ Note by Donald Andre Bruneau: “The ‘image’ Rose refers to in her testimony is found above the poem: “Unborn Human Embryos, Babies: Both God’s Preciousness.”  found in the Blog of www.striveforheavenow.ca. I sent her the poem, and being the creative artist that she is, I […]

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“Unborn.” A Poem by “Cy Winter”

UNBORN “Out of sight Is out of Mind.” Are we, so bright, Out of our minds? No more! To forget That you exist, You precious little gift, Is a denial of your pain. Your silent screams Fall on deaf ears, Like forgotten dreams In last night’s tears, Leaving me in mourning With the coming of […]

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“My Views of ‘Kathleen Wynne’, a ‘Lesbian’, As Ontario’s New Premier: Interview by Two Ottawa University Students. By Donald Andre Bruneau. Feb 22, 2013.

On Thursday, Feb 12, 2013 I was approached for an interview on video by two young ladies, students of Ottawa University, as I was doing my pro-life advocacy on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario.  I asked: “What are your questions? They replied: “Three questions. The first is: “What do you think of Ontario having a woman […]

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“My Response To Official Opposition Leader, Thomas Mulcair’s Claim That Christian Sexual Beliefs Violate Canadian Law.” By Donald Andre Bruneau, Feb 16, 2013.

Dear member of Parliament,   This letter is my response to Mr. Thomas Mulcair’s claim that Christian sexual beliefs violate Canadian Law.  What follows next in my open letter is said in a ‘spirit of love and compassion’, and not with any hatred or malice towards homosexuals.  There is a law that is ‘Supreme’, that […]

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“Today Is My Birthday! I Am…9 Months + 66 Years Of Age!

 Today, February 2, 2013, is my Birthday! I am…9 months   +    66 years of age! And still growing…a little older though, today.  I thank God with all my heart that I am ‘alive’!  I rejoice today, because nine months plus sixty-six years ago my life ‘began’. Nine months prior to my ‘birth’ I was conceived. […]

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