“The Crucifixion/Abortion of the Unborn, Unperson in Canada.”

When M.P. Stephen Woodworth’s Motion 312 (c.f: www.stephenwoodworth.ca) was defeated by pro-choice M.Ps in Parliament on September 26, 2012, it  allowed for Canadian Law in Section 223 (1) of the Criminal Code to continue to brand the unborn baby/child as an ‘unperson’ while it is still in the womb.

What are the consequences of being branded an ‘unperson’? It gives to those supporting the ‘Culture of Death’ the legal right to abort, to kill, ultimately to crucify the unborn unperson.

Some of you are probably asking yourself  “What is an unperson?”. Farley’s Dictionary defines an ‘unperson’ as “a person regarded as non-existent and having no rights; a person whose existence is systematically ignored (especially for idealogical or political reasons).” Also in the MacMillan Dictionary the unperson is defined as “someone who is deliberately ignored in a country’s news and official records because the government does not approve of their political views.”  How fitting those definitions are to the present status and circumstances of the unborn baby in Canadian law and society today.

Because the unborn baby is an unperson it is ignored and has no rights. It’s precious life is ‘snuffed out’ before it even gets out of its mother’s womb!

Like Jesus Christ, they are crucified. Both the unborn baby/child’s and Jesus’s Passion are immersed in horrendous suffering and flowing of blood. To see Christ’s Passion view “The Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson on You Tube and to see the Passion of the unborn/unperson go to www.unmaskingchoice.ca . They are both extremely graphic and bloody!

However there is a major ‘contrast’ between the unborn/unperson’s death and that of Jesus Christ. Jesus died on the Cross in ‘full public view’!  The unborn/unperson is crucified in the womb, ‘out of sight’ (and out of mind!), behind closed doors, in abortion mills. The ‘Media’is very silent about it.  And to keep the unborn/unperson out of mind they call it a ‘fetus’ and not a ‘baby’, a very hideous choice of words.

The bloody, aborted baby truly fits the definition of an unperson. It does not have and never will have a name, it ceases to ‘exist’ before it can even leave the womb of its mother. And unlike us humans, us persons, it never will have a funeral. In most cases it ends up in pieces, in a dumpster in the back alley. To hear the unborn baby’s comments on this perspective please take a moment to watch “Interview with an unborn child” on You Tube.

Because the horrific crucifixion-abortion of the unborn/unperson is done so secretely and out of sight/out of mind, I am a firm believer in exposing (c.f: Posting : “Expose! Expose! Expose!” on www.aborterrorism.ca website.) the truth about abortion by using large ‘graphic’ signs depicting aborted babies. I do this every weekday on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

I want the world to “SEE” what  “pro-choice” does to the unborn/unperson in the womb. Is it graphic? You can be sure of that! Is it nice for anyone to see? Of course not!  But it is only by ‘showing’ Canadians what abortion does to our unborn/unperson Canadians that eventually, the personhood, the humanity of the baby in the womb will be recognized in Canadian Law. Please go to “Stand for Life” website and read the article: “Graphic Photos Have Changed The World’s View Of Injustice.” Graphic photos have been proven time and time again to CHANGE the opinion and mindset of people.

All of us Pro-Life Canadians, including M.P Stephen Woodworth and many others like him, will not rest, will not relent until Canadian Law recognizes the innocent, precious baby in the womb to be a ‘person’ like you and I, created in the ‘Image and likeness of God’ and not an ‘unperson’ in the womb with no right to life.


Donald Andre Bruneau,

Pro-Life advocate, Ottawa, Ontario.


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