“Two Drastically Different Environments: One That ‘Preserves’ Life, The Other ‘Kills’ Unborn Life.”

IMG_2293[1]IMG_2290[1]Two Drastically Different Environments:

 One that  ‘Preserves’  Life, The Other  ‘Kills’  Unborn Life.


Security and peace reigned in the political environment of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa…until, suddenly ‘terror’ broke loose!

A terrorist had just entered the Centre Block. The event is well described in the following link by Toronto Sun. ( http://m.torontosun.com/2014/10/22/canada-under-attack-by-homegrown-terrorists )

The terrorist, 32 year old Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, Canadian born and convert to Islam and Jihadist, was shooting away with intent to kill as many people as possible. Everyone there that Wednesday, October 22/14 experienced the trauma of ‘terrorism’!

Everyone, suddenly fearing for their own life ran as fast as they could to get away from and out of sight of the terrorist.

M.Ps barricaded themselves in the House of Commons. Security took the Prime Minister to safety. Everyone was seeking one thing….to save their life!

Then one man who resolved to stop the terrorist did so, at the risk of his own life. Sergeant-at-Arms, Kevin Vickers shot the terrorist dead.

We can just imagine the trauma experienced by the people who were in sight of the terrorist and close to him! When you hear of someone else being killed it is one thing, but when your very own life is moments from possible death it is a whole other perspective!

Though it did not last too long, I’m sure many of the people will never be the same again. More than ever they must now appreciate the gift of life.

Many of them could have died suddenly if Kevin Vickers had not took it upon himself to intervene to save their life. What propelled Mr Vickers into action was his inborn instinct as a former RCMP officer to save human life when it’s security and life is threatened.

A few days after this traumatic terroristic event I was reflecting on the stark contrast between all of the people in the  ‘environment’  of the Parliament Building and another group of people in a totally different environment—the  ‘womb’  of a pregnant woman–which has become the most dangerous place to be in Canada.

 You see, Canada, the country that boasts of its human rights, allows doctors every day to do what the terrorist did, kill a human being. The terrorist before entering Parliament killed a soldier at the Cenotaph in cold blood. He shot him from behind. The doctors do the same, they kill unborn babies in cold blood.

 The Canadian government allows over 100,000 Canadians a year, not yet born, to be terrorized, to be killed, by being suddenly torn apart piece by piece, by piece in the womb. That amounts to 300+ unborn Canadians killed every day in Canada.

The horror of it all! I have a name for it all: ‘aborterrorism’.

Aborterrorism is the worst form of terrorism on the face of the earth. It is Big People killing little, tiny people not yet born, but still fully human.

Even though the Criminal Code of Canada in Section 223.1 denies the humanity of the unborn baby until it is born, science has proven their humanity from the  ‘moment of conception’  in the womb of a woman. We must pass laws to recognize the  ‘personhood’  of the unborn child. (CF: http://www.aborterrorism.ca/you-tube-code/ )

Let us speak of ‘trauma’ for a moment. When an aborterrorist begins to kill a baby in the womb, try to imagine if you can, the fear, the trauma and the horrific pain experienced by the aborted baby!

To appreciate what I am saying, please watch this video, ‘The Silent Scream’. It tells the story about Dr Bernard Nathanson, an American abortionist who killed thousands of unborn babies. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gON-8PP6zgQ&autoplay=1&app=desktop  ) ( http://www.silentscream.org/silent_e.htm )

After seeing the ultrasound image of the ‘silent scream’ of the baby he killed… He was horrified. It was the beginning of Dr Nathanson’s conversion and eventually the end of his abortions. The ‘silent scream’ of this abortive baby touched his heart as it should touch everyone’s heart!

I ask you Prime Minister ‘Stephen Harper’, I ask you ‘Justin Trudeau’, I ask you ‘Thomas Mulcair’ and all other members of our Canadian Parliament, how can you allow aborterrorism to continue to take place every day in Canada and do nothing to stop it?!  Silence, inaction and indifference equals  ‘consent’.

Can all of you  300+ Members of Parliament picture yourselves being in session in the House and suddenly several jihadists surround you and begin killing you while the RCMP and other security stand by and do nothing to save you from the terrorists.

This is exactly what pro-choice politicians are doing-NOTHING- to stop the killing of unborn babies, piece by piece.

If such a thing did happen it would provoke public outrage!! I ask each of you pro-choice politicians and every other pro-choice, choice to kill, Canadian, where is the public outrage when 300+ unborn babies are killed ‘piece by piece’ every day in Canada. Have a look, here is an actual abortion: click here ( http://abortionno.org/  )  if you have the guts and the stomach to do it and witness the barbarism we allow each and every day to take place in Canada in the name of ‘Choice’.

All you pro-choice politicians could put a stop to all this inhumane  murdering of our precious unborn babies in Canada. However, you are doing everything  in your political power to make sure the killing continues every day, by protecting women’s  ‘right to choose to kill’.

Where is your conscience? Do you have a conscience? Where is your compassion for other human beings whose lives are being barbarically taken from them suddenly, every day in the slaughter houses (abortion clinics) throughout our country!

Let me be clear! One day, and for some of you it could be sooner than later, only God knows, your life on planet earth will end. It could have ended last October 22nd, 2014. None of us are guaranteed our ‘tomorrow’.

Everyone who was there when the Jihadist came in to kill understands what I am saying. What happens after we die? I strongly urge you to think about it very seriously! Life continues on after we die. However, many of you pro-choice MPs are relishing of your power and position at this moment, but, when your time is up and you suddenly appear  ‘alone’  before the Judgment Seat of Christ, ‘True Justice’ will be served.


“And it is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgement.” (Hebrews 9:27)


There as you stand alone before your Creator each of you will have to give account for having done nothing to stop the slaughter of our precious unborn Canadian babies when all was in your power to put a STOP to it!

Where will your soul spend eternity?  Will it be in the environment of Heaven or Hell? Don’t wait another second and seriously consider what I have just said and repent now before God for all the babies you have allowed to be killed.  Save your souls from going to Hell, change the laws immediately to put a stop to aborterrorism in Canada!

Save the lives of our precious unborn babies. They also want to live! Their lives are just as worthy as yours was on October 22nd.


Donald Andre Bruneau,

October 28, 2014.

Ottawa, Ontario.

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