“Unborn Human Embryos, Babies: Both God’s Preciousness.”

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“Unborn Human Embryos, Babies: Both God’s Preciousness.”


Time and life are precious,
They give us time to love,
Time to have God’s preciousness.

Unborn embryos, babies, most precious.
Created in God’s Image,
To live, to love and be loved.

Today, in the billions,
Human embryos, starved to death.
Today, in the millions,
Human babies, torn apart, killed.

Both sinfully killed,
The one starved by the Pill.
The other Aborted,
Both by Choice.

In a self-centred, sex-obsessed world,
The embryo, the baby,
Cry out.

Mercy, please!
She and he, like other humans,
Want to live, to love and be loved.

By Donald Andre Bruneau,
May 1, 2013,
Feast of Saint Joseph.


If you are on the Pill, please read “”The Truth About The Morning After Pill” found here   http://www.morningafterpill.org/how-does-it-work.html . and

http://cbhd.org/sites/default/files/file/the_pill.pdf  which is an excellent article titled “The Pill: Addressing The Scientific and Ethical Questions of the Abortifacient Issue.”

 Also you may want to read the following about: Is the Emergency Contraception Pill Safe? http://www.morningafterpill.org/is-emergency-contraception-saf.html




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