“And What About Rape?!”

“And what about rape?!” This was the question put to me by the teenager in front of me as I stood there advocating against abortion. I was near the ‘Eternal Flame’ on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, with my graphic signs of unborn, aborted babies.

The two teenage girls were attracted by my sign which read at the top: “The Womb, Deadliest Place in Canada.” The 19 year old teen was right to the point with her question. I could sense that she was very sincere and serious, looking for an answer.

Standing next to her was a teenage girl about 16 years of age. I began to answer her question. I said: “Miss, imagine you have just been raped. It must be a ‘horrific’ experience!”

She agreed. “Okay, you are wondering if a pregnant woman, victim of a rape, should keep or abort her baby?”

“I ask you, “You have just experienced the trauma of a rape. Do you want to add a 2nd trauma on top of that one? If you eliminate your baby by means of an abortion, you will have to deal with the fact that you have murdered your unborn, innocent, defenceless baby.

This murder will haunt you for the rest of your life.  Many women who have had abortions ‘lose it’ and throw themselves into alcohol and drugs and sometimes into promiscuity, which ruins their lives, up until the moment they deal with the guilt of killing their unborn baby and seek out God’s awesome Mercy. (cf: Divine Mercy Ministries). Also other consequences of having an abortion is that some women die during the abortion. Some are never able to get pregnant and have another baby. Seek out women who have had abortions and learn from their experiences at  www.silentnomore.org ).

She also made a comment about the ‘misery’ that a baby conceived in rape would face in life. So I asked her: “Are you God, that you can predict what kind of life that baby conceived in rape will have? She said: “No, I can’t predict.”

I then said: The majority of people conceived in rape are very happy to be alive.” Then to my surprise, her friend said: “I am one born out of rape.”  Right there, next to me was this beautiful, 16 year old girl born out of rape! I would love to know what was going through the mind of her older friend as this was revealed to us.

This must have touched the heart of the older girl who was struggling with the question of rape.

 I then looked at both of them and asked: “Are you glad to be alive? “Yes” was the answer. I said: “We are alive and have enjoyed ‘life’ for many years, shouldn’t the unborn child be given the same opportunity to live out its life? “Yes”, they replied. (cf: www.aborterrorism.ca and read poem “Mommy, Please, Let Me Live!”)

Just before leaving me, the oldest teen looked at me with a sincere and grateful expression and said: “You have changed my mind.”

As they walked away, I was filled with joy! Perhaps a life or lives have been saved.


“Afterthoughts and Reflections”

Let us listen to a person born out of rape and see what she thinks of it. ‘Julie Makimaa’ expresses such a precious ‘life-giving attitude’ that children born out of rape should have. And victims of rape who are struggling with the life or death decision to abort or let the baby live should carefully reflect on Julie’s statement. She says:

“It does not matter how I began, what matters is who I will become.”

(Julie Makimaa in “Rape, Incest and Abortion: Searching Beyond the Myths, David C. Reardon, Ph. D.)

Author, David C. Reardon, Ph.D.,  also provides the two opposite ‘attitudes’ towards finding a solution to a rape. One attitude is selfless and lifegiving whereas the other is self-centered and selfish and destroyer of a new life. Reardon states: “Giving birth, especially when conception was not desired is a totally selfless act, a generous act, a display of courage, strength and honor. It is proof she is better than the rapist. While he was selfish, she can be generous. While he destroyed, she can nurture.” (Rape, Incest and Abortion:Searching Beyond the Myths, David C. Reardon, Ph.D.)

The biggest challenge facing a woman who is the victim of a rape is to ‘forgive’ the rapist. The moment she decides in her heart, to forgive the man who raped her, and begins to pray for him, she will find healing and peace of mind and soul if she sincerely forgives her aggressor and turns towards  our Heavenly Father’s Love and Mercy through his Son, Jesus Christ.

‘Forgiveness’ is the key for her to obtain peace and ‘Life’ for the unborn baby conceived in rape.

by Donald Andre Bruneau,

October 1st, 2012.





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