Crisis Pregnancy Help

If you or someone you know is pregnant and needs support, there is help available. The National 24 Hour Help Line (1-800-665-0570) is operated by professionally trained volunteers who are available day and night to take your call. They will listen to your needs and connect you to a local pregnancy center that offers free pregnancy tests, consultations about all pregnancy options and many other confidential services.  Call any time of the day!

Most communities offer hands-on crisis pregnancy assistance. Contact your local pro-life group to find out if this service is in your community. Click here to see list of Ontario pro-life groups.

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Stand Up Girl – Read about women who have been in crisis pregnancies, the choices they made and how it affected them.
Abortion Changes You

Post Abortion Help

Most women do not freely choose abortion; they resort to abortion. If you are suffering from an abortion experience, you are not alone. Countless women and men have been deeply damaged by abortion. There is hope. Confidential counseling and healing services are available.

If you have recently had an abortion or think you may be suffering the effects of an abortion long ago, you can call  1-888-385-3850 or visit the links below.


Adoption is a truly loving option. No baby is unwanted.

There are many couples in Canada who are waiting and willing to adopt babies. No baby is unwanted!

To find out more about adoption, visit This is a great resource designed to put the adoption process in perspective. It attempts to lead the woman, who has discovered her untimely pregnancy, through the common misconceptions about adoption and give her the knowledge and tools she needs to make an informed decision.

The Truth of Abortion

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