“Do You Have A Conscience?” by Donald Andre Bruneau

“Do you have a conscience?” This was the thought provoking question that I asked to the visitor on Parliament Hill yesterday, Nov 29, 2012. My presence with my graphic abortion sign obviously bothered him enough to say to me: “Don’t you guys have anything better to do?”

He was referring to Fr. Tony Van Hee, S.J. and I who protest daily with our graphic signs against abortion. I answered him by saying: “I am here because to me there is nothing more important to do, than to be here to save the ‘unborn babies’ from being butchered and murdered by abortion.”

He still persisted in his argument, trying to discourage me from carrying out my mission for the unborn. So, I interjected with this question:


“Do you have a conscience?”


 all the while looking him straight in the eyes. With a look of bewilderment he uttered ‘Yes….I do.’ I immediately replied: “Then if you do have a conscience don’t talk like that!”  Immediately, he left my presence with a stunned and unusual look on his face. I really wish I could know what his thoughts were after hearing my comments.


 My Reflection Afterwards:

 In regards to ‘conscience’ Cardinal John Henry Newman who was an outstanding defender of the rights of conscience once said:


 “Conscience has rights because it has duties.” (emphasis mine)


(cf: The Splendor of Truth by Pope John Paul II, p.55) Many people today, pro-choice people, for example, make their moral decisions “according to their conscience, their set of so-called commandments. The end result of their choices according to their conscience fly in the face of God’s Ten Commandments, such as “Thou shalt not kill.” Yes, thou shalt not kill the “unborn baby”.

But the pro-choice people claim this “freedom to choose” according to ‘their’ conscience. By doing this they maintain that their freedom to live their life as they see it ‘trumps’ the moral code of the Church, the Ten Commandments of God. Pope John Paul II said:

“God’s law does not reduce, much less do away with human freedom, rather it protects and promotes that freedom.” (Splendor of Truth, p.57)

The pro-choice people need to know that “Based on Genesis 2:16-17, Revelation teaches that the power to decide what is good and what is evil does not belong to man, but to God alone.” (cf: Splendor of Truth, p.56)

If people in the world today, which is a grave state of turmoil, wars and self-destruction, etc., made their ‘choices’ according to God’s Ten Commandments, we would have a world of Peace and Love, yes, love of God, love of neighbour, including the right to life for everyone, especially for the unborn baby.


Donald Andre Bruneau,

December 7, 2012.

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