Eulogy of ‘Cyril D. Winter’ by Donald Andre Bruneau, March 24, 2018.


Cyril Winter protesting abortion on Bank St. Ottawa, Ontario, April 20, 2017

Cyril Winter, protesting abortion on Bank Street, Ottawa, January 17, 2013.

CYRIL WINTER…known to us as ‘Cy’ was to many people a very intriguing and controversial person. Cy was a ‘thorn in the flesh’ for many who  ‘saw’  him on the street. He was also a thorn in the ‘conscience’  of many. Cy was the  ‘exact opposite’ to what the ‘FAKE NEWS’ media demonized him to be.
Who was he? What best describes him? I, personally, as a very close friend and prolifer would use these two words to describe this wise and valiant man:
PASSION and LOVE.   Why?
Cy was a man filled with   PASSION and LOVE   for God and for life, for the defence of LIFE of everyone, especially the most innocent and defenceless of human beings in the womb, the preborn child. He was the first person to passionately adopt my word… ‘aborterrorism’. Why? Because he clearly understood, like myself, that abortion was the most violent way of attacking a defenceless tiny human being. In short he understood ABORTERRORISM to be the worst form of terrorism on the face of the earth.
During my in-depth interview of Cy at his apartment on February 18th, 2018 I asked him:
“Cy…what is it that really moved you to become an activist and go to 65 Bank St. to protest ABORTIONS being done there?Cy replied that it was two priest, Fr.Anthony Van Hee, S.J. and Fr. Frank Pavone. They both used very graphic signs to PUBLICALLY show the reality and horror of abortions.
Fr.Pavone would say:

“Unless you SEE the horror of abortion you won’t ACT against abortion. You must be made  ‘BROKEN-HEARTED’ by SEEING the horrors of abortion and you must    remain   broken-hearted.”

Baby ‘Malachi’ was butchered at 21 weeks preborn.

Cy lived out this belief 100%. He lived it out so PASSIONATELY that it was his way of “picking up his CROSS AND FOLLOWING JESUS.” Cy loved Jesus with all his heart and soul.
Cy had a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Cy walked in the ‘JOY OF THE LORD’ because he knew that he knew that Jesus was the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE….the ONLY WAY to the Father. (CF: John 14:6) Cy knew that Heaven was his ultimate destiny through Jesus Christ. Father Tony visited Cy the day before he died at the hospital. He remarked to me the  ‘effervescence’  of Cy. He was so bubbly….so joyful. This was also the Cy that I knew. Serious when it was time to be serious…but yet so full of life and joy.
Cy began his protests of the killing of preborn babies at 65 Bank Street in Ottawa early in the year 2011. However 4.5 years ago he CROSSED  the street to be VERY NEAR the door of the DEATH CLINIC. Those who entered the door to kill their baby had no choice but to  SEE  his graphic signs of abortion. As he walked silently for 4.5 years with his graphic signs on Front and rear of himself only a dozen feet away from the entrance to the clinic of DEATH he was persecuted big-time.
Persecution escalated a hundred-fold after a malicious and libelous article was written in the Toronto Star by journalist Heather MALLICK. MALLICK  ‘demonized  Cy in the eyes of the public. You can read about this on .  He was reviled by those going in to kill their preborn child, by the passers-by
and the local Ottawa Police. I am a witness to all this persecution he endured.
These were his two worse persecutions in his own words:
“Tons of SPITTING on me, at me, around me, in my ears, in my mouth and in my eyes.” Next were two attempts to push him off of the sidewalk unto the way of fast moving oncoming traffic….in short to seriously cripple or kill him.
One of these two attempts to kill him he described to me in detail:
“Donald, this tall guy came at me from behind. I was sitting on my stool. Suddenly
He was spitting like crazy on me and pulling me towards the road. To protect myself I had no choice but to smack him on the jaw. That finished it. He was gone!”
Other than this account I have never seen or heard of Cy using any means of violence on any of his persecutors. This case was a matter of LIFE or DEATH…of SURVIVAL.
I have a great respect for Cy. He was a man with GUTS. He was not a push-over. He was a ‘man on a mission’….a mission to save babies…women…and souls.
Cy did not let what people thought of him deter him from his mission. He did what he was inspired to do through PRAYER. He constantly changed his signs as he was inspired to do so.
Cy’s LOVE for Jesus.
Cy’s LOVE for Jesus was second to none. The 8 inch high CROSS hung on his sign for all to see because he understood the POWER of the CROSS and the POWER of the name of JESUS.
His usual response to his persecutors was
“LOVE the babies in JESUS’ NAME! God bless you with a CONVERSION.”
Towards the end of his life Cy developed a great devotion to OUR LADY OF GUADELOUPE AND THE HOLY FACE OF JESUS. These two images hung on the wall just above his bed. Every morning upon arising he would prayerfully meditate and pray before them.
After SEVEN YEARS of protesting abortion you could easily see the WEAR AND TEAR on his face. The only thing missing for him to have a kinship with the Holy Face of Jesus..was the CROWN OF THORNS.
Yes Cy, you paid a PRICE to save a great number of preborn babies from the horror of aborterrorism as CHRIST paid the price for the Salvation of our souls.
Cy’s Last SIGN
Cy had been unjustly arrested with the SAFE ACCESS ZONE for carrying signs about our CHARTER RIGHTS. So his LAST SIGN was a Gospel sign. Were the police going to arrest him for proclaiming his Christian Faith within the BUBBLE ZONE? Cy was testing the waters. On a ‘black’  foamboard in large white letters it read:
NO police came. No arrests were made. The following day he came back with the same sign but had added two words:
How Jesus must have smiled at Cy saying to himself…..”What a faithfull servant!”
A note: for those here who wish to know Cy more intimately go to my YouTube..
Donald Andre Bruneau Youtube.
You will find 9 videos I took of Cy over the years of his pro-life activism.
They will give you further insight into the life of Cy…..this man filled with PASSION and LOVE.
I leave you with Cy’s words:



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