Expose! Expose! Expose! Using Graphic Signs To Save Unborn Babies, On Canada Day, 2012.

It was July 1st, 2012, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Thousands of Canadians filled the streets and the grounds of Parliament Hill to celebrate ‘Canada Day’.

My Christian and pro-life friend ‘Cy Winter’ who regularly protests with graphic signs in front of the abortion centre at 65 Bank St., Ottawa, was with me on Canada Day. Our reason for being there with our signs was to ‘Save Canadians from abortion’.  We met the young adult pro-lifers of the “New Abortion Caravan” who were set up on the north side of  Wellington St. on the sidewalk, just in front of the Parliament buildings. (www.unmaskingchoice.ca, c:f-Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform.)

They had a powerful display of close to a dozen, large, and very graphic signs of abortion. Cy and I installed ourselves, side by side, in the centre of the street, about 1000 feet away from their exhibit on Wellington Street. Cy’s sign read ‘God Save Canada From Abortion’: Choose Love.’  Mine had at the top, an image of an unborn baby in the womb, in the centre of the Canadian flag with the message: “Canadians, please, let me live!”, “Look & See…I am alive…I am Human.”

Below this photo, I had a very graphic image of ‘Malachi’, a baby aborted at 21 weeks. As people, in a continuous flow, walked by us, it was evident to us by seeing the expressions on their faces and hearing their slurs, that they did not like the graphic sign I had on my person. They did not like to see the butchered body of ‘Baby Malachi’. (C.f:www.priestsforlife.org/Baby Malachi, A History.)  On the positive side, we were able to hand out approximately 300 flyers with my website, www.Aborterrorism.ca. on it and receive words of encouragement from the pro-lifers who accepted our flyers.

One thing for sure, the passersby will not forget baby ‘Malachi’ should they be pondering an abortion in the future. Malachi will be there to remind them of what an abortion is, ‘dismemberment and murder’, not a ‘choice’.

The important question arises so often: “Should the graphic images of abortion be shown? Especially to young children?”

Based on personal experience and historical evidence, I am of the strong conviction that, ‘Yes’, the graphic signs of abortion should be seen by ‘everyone’.

The little toddlers see but don’t understand what it is. As for the young children who can talk and understand, it can be a precious ‘teaching moment’ by the parents for their children, to inform them of the truth about abortion. Speaking of  a ‘teaching moment’ such a thing took place this morning, during my protests on Parliament Hill. A father walked up to me with his pretty ‘eight year old’ daughter and said to me: “My daughter asked me if we could come and see you and have you explain to her what your sign is saying.” I was so happy to oblige to this father’s demand and immediately began to explain to his eight year old daughter the history behind ‘Malachi’s’ abortion, the barbaric way his life was terminated and the fact that we have no laws in Canada to protect the unborn from the moment of conception till birth because the unborn baby is not recognized as a human being under Canadian law. As I gave her many other details about abortion, she seriously and very calmly and peacefully listened to me and gladly accepted a flyer with information about my website on it. I congratulated the father for having the openness and wisdom to use this opportunity to ‘inform’ his daughter about the harsh realities of abortion.

During my daily protests with my graphic signs and also with pro-life advocate and Jesuit priest, Fr. Tony Van Hee’s large graphic sign of Malachi, it has given me many occasions to dialogue with visitors on Parliament Hill about this controversial question.

I have had many precious occasions to speak to very young school children and the conversations unfold in this vein:

Children: “What is that?”

Myself: “That a real photo of ‘baby Malachi’ who was aborted, killed at the age of 21 weeks. He was removed, torn apart, piece by piece by a doctor, from inside it’s mother’s womb. We call it an abortion.”

Children: “Why did she abort him?”

Myself: ” In most cases, it is because the mother did not ‘want’ her baby because it was an inconvenience.”

Children: (Note): very often one of the children will say to me: “But why does she kill the baby, why does she not give it out for adoption?”

These kids have the wisdom of Solomon, “Don’t kill them, adopt them.” More than once I have seen some of these young kids shed tears of compassion for ‘Malachi’.

I’m sure that those tear filled girls won’t have an abortion should they be pregnant in a few years from now. They will remember ‘Malachi’.

As for those young teenagers who are ‘shocked’ at seeing the graphic images, I’m convinced that should they be faced with the life or death decision of aborting their baby, and are falsely informed and told that it is just a blob of tissue by the abortion counsellors, they will know better. They will have a ‘flashback’ of the graphic image of Malachi, aborted at 21 weeks, or of ‘Daniel’, aborted at 10 weeks.

I have often told this to the angry parents who come to me and say that I should not show these graphic images to kids. Those kids will know the ugly truth of what abortion really is….”The barbaric, terroristic, ending of the life of an innocent human being in the earliest stages of its life…simply because the mother did not ‘want’ it–research and statistics show this to be true.

Very often, when I can get those angry parents to dialogue, I discoverthat the reason behind their fierce anger is that she ‘had an abortion’ and seeing the graphic image of an aborted baby brings her (and his) guilt of her past ‘murder’ to the surface of her conscience. It is then that, sometimes I can minister God’s love and mercy in a compassionate way to them. I share with them that they can find peace of mind and forgiveness, if they simply and earnestly reach out to Jesus Christ who is so merciful and so ready to forgive them. “For Thou, O Lord, art sweet and mild: and plenteous in mercy to all that call upon Thee.” (Psalm 86:5)

It is always my prayer that I can be God’s vessel of love and mercy to whoever I engage with and minister to. And this is extremely important…”If the Holy Spirit prompts me to do so, I will not hesitate for a second, to bring God into our discussion, knowing full well the power of His written and spoken ‘Word’. “For the word of God is living and effectual, and more piercing than any two-edged sword; and reaching unto the division of the soul and the spirit, of the joints also and the marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12)

I cannot set people free, only God can, and He and His Word is uppermost in my mind as I do  my pro-life ministry to those who are in bondage to the ‘culture of Death’. “So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36)

Women don’t realize the immense harm they are doing to themselves psychologically, spiritually and physically when they have an abortion. The website, www.silentnomoreawareness.org is filled with testimonies of women who ‘regret’ their abortion. They share the ‘Hell’ they went through after their abortion.

Again and again we see that the showing of these graphic images of abortion will inform and educate them of the ugly truth of the horror of abortion. And most important it also changes hearts and awakens consciences and saves the lives of the unborn babies!

Remember the wise saying “Out of sight, out of mind.” History has proven time and time again how the use of graphic images cause people to ‘rise up’ and counter these great evils done against the human person.

On the website ‘Stand for Life’ an article of June 23, 2012 titled “Graphic Photos Have Changed the World’s View of Injustice,” we see how time and time again people have been moved ‘en masse’ to join with the civil rights movements to stop these injustices. One example they use is ‘Emmett Till. Emmett was a young African-American 14 year old boy from Chicago who was visiting relatives in Money, Mississippi. He spoke or whistled to a 21-year old white woman, Carol Bryant. Because of this her husband and a half-brother beat Emmett to a pulp, totally disfigured him, gouged out one of his eyes, shot him, and then disposed of his body in the river. At his funeral his mother insisted on a ‘public’ funeral and an ‘open’ casket, and she stated: “I want the world to see what they did to my baby.” Thousands attended the funeral and the photos of his massacred body, especially his unrecognizable face, was published in many magazines for Americans to ‘see’. The outrage that arose from black people seeing what whites had done to Emmett started the Civil Rights Movement.

And recently we had the photo of a Chinese mother, “Feng Jianmei” who’s seven month old baby was brutally and forcefully aborted. We can see the graphic photo of the dead baby lying next to her mother. This caused worldwide outrage of the world towards China. (c.f: www.LifeSiteNews/Feng )

So it was with this in my thoughts that I was so happy to see the young adults of the ‘New Abortion Caravan’, who left British Columbia on a cross-country tour on May 29, 2012 and ‘exposed’ by means of large graphic signs the truth about the horrors of abortion. There they were, each holding a large graphic image of abortion, for Canadians to see. They finished their trip in Ottawa, right in front of the Parliament Buildings, the Government of Canada, on July 1st, ‘Canada Day’.

On July 2, I attended a meeting hosted by the ‘Canadian Centre fro Bio-ethical Reform’ and listened to the young pro-life activists who had participated in the ‘New Abortion Caravan’ across Canada. It was such a joy for me to hear these young pro-life activists who call themselves ‘The Survivor Generation’ with the average age of 24 years. Our young generation of abortion survivors shared their testimonies of their interactions with pro-choice people who converted to the pro-life position after conversing with them about abortion.

Another  very important fruit of showing these graphic images is that it has moved many pro-lifers into concrete ‘actions’ against abortion and the ‘Culture of Death’.

We must always be very conscious of the fierce battle being waged in Canada and throughout the world between the ‘Culture of Life’ and the ‘Culture of Death’. John 10:10 explains it so well: “The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy; I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly.”

When we are out in the battlefield we must be ‘prayed up’ and ‘armed’ with the mindset of the ‘Word of God’ to come up against the lies and hypocricy of the enemies of Life, the enemies of the human person, the unborn baby, created in the image of God.

An example of  ‘action’ is to lobby the Members of Parliament and our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, in regards to  ‘Motion 312’ put forth by Stephen Woodworth, (www.stephenwoodworth.ca ) M.P. to prove the humanity of the unborn.

I encourage all believers to say a sincere, heartfelt prayer such as:

 “Lord, what should “I” do to put a stop to abortion in Canada?

As pro-life believers we need to pray and ‘act’ against aborterrorism, and using graphic images brings forth the ‘truth’ of it. Remember, as Linda Gibbons once wrote to me about abortion, she said:

 “Expose!… Expose!…Expose!”


Donald Andre Bruneau,
Pro-life advocate on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada
July 2, 2012.


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  1. cy Winter July 18, 2012 at 11:33 pm #

    When kids are old enough to make babies, they need to see the horror of destroying those babies. By seeing its very real destruction, they may appreciate the sacredness, the preciousness of life. They need to be heartbroken at the very thought of its destruction so that they may never even contemplate abortion, seeing it as a terribly evil act of butchery and poisoning. We are temples of God, of the Holy Spirit, as our catechism tells us.

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