“Fiercely Pro-choice” or “A Committed Pro-Lifer?”

 An American visitor approached me on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, as I was standing by the ‘Flame’ with my graphic signs, protesting abortion.

He said: “You know, myself, personally I’m for a ‘woman’s right to choose’–but I have a brother who is fiercely pro-life! Yup, he is fiercely pro-life!” He put a lot of stress on the word ‘fiercely’.  I did not question him as to why he described his brother as ‘fiercely’ pro-life because I had something else more urgent in mind.

I said to him: “You say you are for a woman’s right to choose. To choose what? To murder this innocent, unborn child in the womb?” As I was saying this I was pointing to my sign–it was a sign depicting the stark contrast between ‘life’ and ‘death’. of the baby in the womb.

The unborn child in the top picture was ‘alive’ and the words above and below the photo of the baby were: “Canadians, please let me live!”…”Look & see….I am alive…I am human!” The baby below was ‘Malachi’, he never made it out alive, he died in the womb. His tiny body was torn apart, and removed piece by piece from the womb by a ‘D & E’ abortion.

After I finished pointing out my sign to the American visitor, you could tell he was visibly disturbed and doing some serious thinking. Personally, I think his views on a woman’s right to choose may have changed.

Later that day, while I was in prayer, his words came back to me: “Fiercely pro-life!”…”My brother is fiercely pro-life!” The more I thought about it the more I realized that his words ‘fiercely’ and ‘pro-life’ did not ‘match’, they did not belong together.

If he had said: “My brother is a ‘committed pro-lifer’, it would have made sense. Or if he had described himself as ‘fiercely pro-choice’, that would have described his stance on this issue of abortion.

You see, what many people do not realize is that their ‘choice of words’ so clearly express their mindset and values. This American visitor’s mindset is ‘pro-choice’, thus his natural use of the word ‘fiercely’ which is synonymous to words such as angrily, forcefully, horribly, madly, maleficiently, savagely, threateningly, etc, which so well describe the mindset of those who support abortion and the ‘Culture of Death’.

We have a ‘choice’ of two worlds to pick from. On the one hand the ‘Culture of Death’, namely, ‘abortion, contraception, promiscuity, homosexuality, and euthanasia’ and on the other hand, ‘The Culture of Life’, which respects the life of the human person, created in the image and likeness of God (c.f: Genesis 1:27), from the moment of conception till its natural death.

Today, throughout the world, the battle is extremely intense between the Culture of Death and the Culture of Life, with the most ‘fiercely pro-choice’, ‘pro-abortion’ leader being none other than Barack Obama, the President of the U.S.A. Mr. Obama and his administration are trying to force the pro-abortion lifestyle upon everyone in the world–no one excepted! In Canada, we have our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, who does not want to allow an open public debate on abortion. One courageous Conservative member of Parliament, ‘Stephen Woodworth, has been campaigning for the government to recognize the humanity of the unborn child in the womb.

In order to successfully rise up against this great evil, more pro-lifers have to move from a ‘neutral’ position and become ‘committed’ pro-lifers. How can we do this? I would like to offer my humble testimony as an example. In the summer of 2011 I prayed an earnest prayer. I knelt at the foot of the Cross and offered myself up to God, to be an ‘instrument’ in His hands for the cause of ‘Life of the Unborn’ and to defend and promote the ‘Culture of Life’.

A few months later, I spent a week with a group of pro-lifers, from as young as 10 years old to elders in their 80’s, touring the Ottawa Valley. It was called “Show the Truth Tour”. We held dozens of large graphic signs depicting real abortions along busy highways and street corners in local towns in order to expose people to the truth and reality of the horrors of abortion. Did we get reactions!

This experience led me to move to Ottawa, where I have publically, daily protested with graphic signs in front of the abortion center at 65 Bank St., Ottawa, Ontario, with my friend ‘Cy’. After a few months there I moved to ‘Parliament Hill’, near the ‘Flame’ to expose and educate Canadians and visitors from all over the world on the horrors of ‘aborterrorism’ (Abortion being the worst form of terrorism). I have also set up a website called “www.Aborterrorism.ca” in order to reach the world with the pro-life message.

Each one of us pro-lifers are unique and have different God-given gifts and abilities. I encourage you today, to get alone, and pray to God and earnestly offer up yourself for God to use you as He would see fit, for the cause of Life of the Unborn baby, and the Culture of Life.

Then, an inward, spiritual ‘transformation’ will take place and people will begin to point to you and say of you: “He/she is sold out, is totally committed in word and action to the cause of Life, of defending the most innocent, most helpless, the ‘baby’ in the womb of a woman, who is a human being just like you and I.

Are you one of those ‘committed pro-lifers’?

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