“Informing The Young About The Evils Of Abortion And Life In The Womb // To Be Forewarned Is To Be Forearmed.”



In my pro-life Ministry here on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada, surprises are abundant. This one was precious and special. Out of nowhere suddenly appeared this little girl in front of my abortion signs. Her focus was like a magnifying glass on my sign.

I looked down and asked her as I covered the abortion sign with my “The PILL Kills” sign: “And where is your Mom? Before she could answer me I saw about 15′ away a lady looking straight at me with a favorable attitude. Afterwards I found out that she was the grandma. She gave me the nod of approval about my signs.
Grandma was soon bent over next to her grandchild who’s eyes were still fixated on my sign and began to explain to her what she was looking at. A while later I took out my favorite exhibit. It was a rubber replica of a 12 week old baby during its growth in the womb.

This really got the attention of the young girl. As she admired it Grandma said to her: “See how its little hands and feet and face are so well formed already.”

As Grandma was explaining I placed the teenie baby in the hand of this little girl. She was in awe as only a child can be as she examined it. Just before they left I said to the young girl: “Here, this is for you. You can keep it and show your friends exactly how well formed a baby in the Mommy’s belly is at 12 weeks of age.

By doing so you will help save babies from abortion. This little girl walked away so happy and with a whole new knowledge of babies, both the ‘dead and the living’.

With the enthousiasm I saw in this little girl I have the feeling she will be a  ‘great pro-life witness’  not just ‘later’ in life but ‘now’ as she shows off her teenie baby and tells her story about our meeting on the ‘Hill’ with Grandma at her side. Before they left me I said to Grandma: “I sincerely thank you for allowing your grandchild to see and hear what both you and I shared with her about the the evil of abortion and the very beginning of life in the womb of a mother. Your grandchild will never forget this. It will serve her well in the future. She nodded me  such a beautiful, and gratefull sign of affirmation. You see Grandma understands very well the need of children to be informed about the Truth when it comes to matters of sex. I will explain.

Equipping our children with the ‘truth’ about the evils of abortion and the Sacredness of every pre-born human life is more important now, than ever before in this sex-obsessed and narcissistic world. Remember, “to be forewarned is to be forearmed.”

Children today are being aggressively indoctrinated by the ‘Powers that be’  so that they may conform to the pagan,narcissistic and sex-obsessed society we live in where there is less and less respect for the dignity of the human being from the moment of its conception till its natural death.
It is survival of the fittest. These children are targetted to conform to this evil mindset at a very early age, thus the utmost importance of ‘informing’ them of the ‘truth’, of the Christian Truth, the pro-life view of the human being created in the Image and likeness of God. The following two links will inform you extremely well of the point I am making. They explain the sinister agenda behing “Comprehensive Sex Education” that is being forced upon our little children.
 (CF: http://www.realwomenofcanada.ca/tag/comprehensive-sex-education/ )

 and ( http://www.google.ca/url?url=http://www.familywatchinternational.org/fwi/documents/Special_Report_CSE_Revised_1_12.pdf&rct=j&frm=1&q=&esrc=s&sa=U&ei=X0QHVIexLtS0ggTP24GoCQ&ved=0CBMQFjAA&sig2=cVCp_ATlEZIq-H5zaNt33w&usg=AFQjCNFzkVbyqxEz7Z3hraOpWeAZJYexJA

Now from my many experiences on the Hill I know that many people reading this would have a thing or two to tell Grandma and I. Please let me share this with you. In this past year I was approached by an RCMP officer with a very direct question. ” Could you tell me Sir, what’s the reaction you are getting both from the kids and the adults when they see your signs.?”

I replied:”Very good question officer. With the young children, no problems whatsoever. I have never had a child go hysterical, or cry or lose it.
It’s the parents who lose it and I strongly believe it’s because they were directly or indirectly involved in an abortion themselves and when they see my signs and the truth about abortion hits them head on, their conscience is ‘awakened’ and they use their kids as an excuse to take their anger out on me. It’s as simple as that.

Kids want to know the ‘truth’ and that’s what I give them and they very much appreciate it. I speak their language when I tell young teens about sex and the consequences of sex outside of marriage. A few months ago after I had explained the negative consequences about sex outside of Holy Matrimony and abortion to a group of teenagers. This one young girl let her heart speak so spontaneously, so full of gratitude, and as she looked me square in the eyes she said:”You’re awesome!”

This was her way of telling me : “Thank you so much for telling me the ‘Truth’!”
Its the same for that little grandchild. She was hungry for the truth, and Grandma was wise enough to grant her that desire.

Donald Andre Bruneau.

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