“Momny, Please Let Me Live!”

Deadliest place in Canada: a woman’s womb.

This poem was written in 2005 (approx).

It saved a life, in Timmins, Ontario.

A pregnant woman read my poem.

This was her 2nd pregnancy. The first pregnancy was aborted. The baby was killed in the womb.

After she read my poem she decided to not abort this 2nd baby, but keep it.

Please share this poem with pregnant mothers.

It could save more lives.

Every human life is so precious.

Donald Andre Bruneau.


You have lived for years outside your mother’s womb.

You have enjoyed life’s pleasures.

One of them in a single precious moment made me.

However, I’ve not yet been outside to see.

Like you, I wish to live, to live outside your womb.

However, I’ve not yet been outside to see.

Like you, I wish to live outside your womb.

Like you, I wish to taste and feel, also see the light.

Mommy, like you I wish to walk, cry, laugh, and talk.

To live my life and live it fully.

Right now I know, even though I can’t see, I hear and those words I fear!

Cause you want to destroy, take me out of here!

You see, I’m not just some thing, some thing you’d hate to have, to see.

I’m fully human, even though only a while ago, I started becoming me.

From the moment of that night, that night you and him conceived me.

That man, I’d like to see him also, call him ‘daddy’.

T’was in that special moment I became me!

They have been telling you, it’s your choice, your life.

Besides, they also say: “What’s in you is not a person. It’s only a blob, nothing human.”

Looking back, now I know.

Since that special ‘creative’ moment, I really began to be, to be me, a somebody!

Yes, I’m human, say it, please!

Mommy, now within you

I’m better formed.

If only you could see me!

I’m me, full of LIFE, a body, hands and feet…so sweet!

If for whatever reason,

You don’t want me,

Don’t want me in your life, then let me live!!

There’s a living, loving option, called ADOPTION.

Mommy, please, please, let me live.

Say ‘YES’ to the LIFE within you.

Your child, your best friend and your joy I’ll forever and gratefully be, for all Eternity!

“I will give thanks unto Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: wonderful are Thy works.

And my soul knoweth right well.”

Psalm 139:14

Donald Andre Bruneau,


May 18, 2023.


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