“My God is loving and merciful. He ‘gives and gives’. He gave His only Son for me a sinner.” (cf: John 3:16)

A wonderful, young Chinese couple approached me on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, Ontario, as I was protesting abortion with my graphic signs. They were engineering students from Toronto.

As they questioned me about abortion we engaged in a most interesting conversation. I told them that in Canada the pregnant mother can kill the baby in her womb throughout the nine months of pregnancy, because under Canadian Criminal Law, the baby in the womb is NOT a  human being until AFTER it is completely outside the womb. (cf: Section 223 (1) of the Criminal Code of Canada). This is ‘aborterorism’ in Canada!

He replied: “In China like in Canada there are millions of abortions because there is too many people.” I explained and countered this false belief by saying: “This is not true. In Canada, in China and everywhere on earth there is ‘plenty of room’ for everyone. There is much ’empty land’ controlled and owned by the rich and greedy people.”

I continued: “Ten percent of the people in the world control ninety percent of the wealth.” He agreed saying: “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” I said: “You have it! As for food God has given us plenty. One seed provides such an abundance of more seeds and food but again it is the rich and powerful who control the production, the availability and the price of food in the world. That is why so many people are starving. It is the greed of the rich that cause starvation and misery in the world.

I continued by explaining that the ‘opposite’ of the greedy and rich are the ‘Christians’. Pointing to my Cross below my neck I said: “I am a Catholic. I believe in and serve a God who is ‘loving and merciful’. He ‘gives and gives’. My God, a Trinity, of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, loved the world and me personally, so much that He gave His only Son, born of the Virgin Mary,  and died on a cross, shed His precious redeeming blood which wiped away all my sins, rising from the dead three days later.

 We are all born sinners as Romans 3:23 states: “For all have sinned and do need the glory of God.” The Good News is in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting. Through my free choice, His sacrifice grants me access to Heaven when I die and saves me from eternal damnation in Hell for all eternity!”

I continued: “When one is a true Catholic, one desires to love God immensely and love his brothers and sisters in word and action. My God is a ‘giving’ God and we as His children ‘learn to love and give’ of ourselves for others.

Then they told me they had just visited the ‘Oratory of St Joseph’ in Montreal and were very touched and impressed by it. I said to them: ” I was just there last week and showed them the photos I had taken of myself standing next to a large statue of Brother Andre. (Note: see photo to the left of this posting.)

I told them how Brother Andre was known throughout the world for the miracles and healings he obtained from God by spending much of his time in prayer especially throughout the night. God used this Saint to heal thousands of people. Saint Andre lived and ‘gave’ of himself totally for God and for others. He was a channel of God’s love for others.

I told them: “As Christians, we Catholics are called to become Saints like Brother Andre and spend the next life forever with God and others like us in Heaven, a place of the purest love.

I encouraged them to get a Bible and read it with a sincere and open heart, telling them that the Bible is not an ordinary book, it is God’s Holy Word to each one of us and will transform us into Christians if we are truly seeking the Truth.

I also suggested they go to a Catholic Church, and assist at Mass and seriously investigate the Catholic faith and consider becoming Catholics. Before they left I asked them their names, saying I would pray for them. They replied that they would pray for me. I also invited them to visit my new website www.striveforheavennow.ca which will be public on December 8, 2012.

After I watched them walk away, I reflected on how beautifully the topic of abortion and the Gospel was so intertwined in our conversation. Discussing the horror of abortion necessitates sharing and providing the only answer, which is “Jesus Christ” who is “The Way, the Truth and the Life.” (cf: John 14:6)

Jesus is the only one who can transform human beings into Christians, who become true disciples of Christ and promoters and defenders of the ‘Culture of Life’.


Donald Andre Bruneau.

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