“Open Letter To All Pro-lifers.”

How do we ‘throw down the gauntlet’ in this Culture of Death?

Recently, I read, in an email, an article titled: “Sort of like ‘Netflix’, only prolife.”, by Debbie Duval of Campaign Life Coalition.

In her article, Debbie states: “We need to throw down the gauntlet in this war against the Culture of Death.” I fully agree with her statement.

It begs the question, “How do we ‘confront’ this Culture of Death?

As a veteran prolife advocate, I would like to share my deeply held convictions on this question. And I fully expect many prolifers not to agree with my views.

I am one who believes that people who are ‘complicit’ in ‘aborterrorism’ ( see www.aborterrorism.ca ) need to ‘hear’ and ‘see’ the Truth about aborterrorism.

Aborterrorism is the worst form of terrorism on the face of the earth, against the most innocent, the most defenceless of human beings…the baby in the womb of a woman.

I coined the word ‘aborterrorism’ (abortion + terrorism) 10+ years ago.

Not one Media outlet, whether prochoice or prolife has had the guts to use the word ‘aborterrorism’. It speaks the Truth too clearly, too boldly.

People need to ‘hear’ the Truth about aborterrorism. Catholics, in the pews need to hear that ‘contraception’, which fails, and leads in most cases to an abortion, is Sin! Catholics need to hear that abortion is ‘murder’!

All prochoice, pro-abortion voting politicians need to be told the same and treated the same way as Nancy Pelosi, a very controversial, vehemently, publically pro-abortion politician in the U.S.A.

Nancy Pelosi has just been informed that she can no longer receive Holy Communion, until she recants and repents of her pro-abortion position publically.

All Catholic pro-abortion politicians need to receive the same treatment, cause they are are complicit in the Murder of the Innocent, helpless babies in the womb.

People of the world need to ‘see’ graphic images of an abortion, where the baby is torn to pieces, headless, legless, gutless…it is aborterrorism!

People are afraid to speak the Truth, to show the graphic Truth about abortion, because they are afraid of being rejected, of being persecuted.

From 2012 to 2019, for 7 years, I showed, with graphic abortion signs and spoke about the horrors of aborterrorism on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

I suffered persecution, and rejection, even death threats, like my prolife friend, Cy Winter (RIP) did also.

He protested only 12 feet away from the entrance of the abortion killing centre at 65 Bank St., Ottawa with his graphic signs, and saved the life of many babies.

We both spoke and showed the Truth about aborterrorism.

If every Priest and every politician and married, and co-habitating couples couples were to see and hear the horrific Truth about aborterrorism then, we prolifers would truly be ‘throwing down the gauntlet against this worldwide ‘Culture of Death’.

Note: If you google, ….Donald Andre Bruneau, YouTube …. you will see a video titled ‘Aborterrorism’, only 10 min. long.

Also I invite you to visit www.aborterrorism.ca

God Bless each and everyone of you.


Donald Andre Bruneau,


May 21, 2022.


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