Open Letter To Prime Minister Stephen Harper About Aborterrorism.

deadliestdebate slideI am writing to you Stephen Harper, the leader of our once great and wonderful country of Canada, where at one time “all”  human rights were protected. It is shamefully no longer so.  The ‘Culture of Death’ is quickly destroying Canadians and Canada and you, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, are knowingly doing nothing to stop it!

Canada has given women the legal right to choose to kill the human being in their womb if they so desire it, for whatever reason, even if it is because their baby will be an  ‘inconvenience’  to their selfish lifestyle.

Women have former Prime Minister ‘Pierre Elliot Trudeau’ to thank for this ‘choice to kill’ their baby. It was in 1968-69 that Pierre Trudeau opened up the Gates of Hell against the unborn child by passing the ‘Criminal Law Amendment Act’ which legalized abortion as long as a committee of doctors signed off that it was necessary for the physical or mental well-being of the mother.

I speak to you on behalf of all those  ‘unborn Canadians’  who have not and will not make it out alive outside of their mother’s womb. They are removed from the womb in bits and pieces or torn to shreds. They are victims of “aborterrorism”! (cf: )

We must put a stop to this worst form of terrorism–the killing of innocent and defenseless human beings in the womb of their mothers.

To fully understand what aborterrorism is I invite you and all Members of Parliament and every Canadian to go to and . Warning! The videos are very graphic, because all abortions are horrendously graphic and barbaric!

Over and above all the deaths of our unborn Canadians by surgical abortions, the greater killer is the “Pill”. (cf: ) The PILL kills well over 10 times as many unborn Canadians.

The next threat to the lives of the unborn in the embryonic stage of life is the infamous “RU-486” pill. It is deadly not only for the unborn baby but is also lethal for the women. (cf: ) 

Health Canada is now looking at an application for the chemical abortion pill ‘RU-486’. Yourself as our Prime Minister, and the Government of Canada can stop and must stop RU-486 from entering Canada!

Each and every one of you politicians have a moral obligation before God Almighty to defend the rights and lives of all Canadians and that includes our unborn Canadians who are “human”, a fact proved time and time again by Science, even though Section 223.1 of The Criminal Code of Canada  foolishly denies that fact.

In order to inform all Members of Parliament of the horrors of aborterrorism, I sent them a document titled “Grant Personhood and Life To The Unborn,” in August, 2010. This was followed up in late  September with two other documents: “Aborterrorism” and “Defend The Unborn From Aborterrorism.” For the most part my pleas fell on deaf ears. When every politician comes before God Almighty they will each have no right to plead ignorance on this ‘life or death issue’ of abortion.

My hope and prayer is to move the hearts of politicians to have the courage, compassion and morale conscience to accomplish their duty as political leaders to put a stop to the aborterrorism which is plaguing our unborn Canadians.

As Cardinal Marc Ouellette said in May of 2010, we must have a national debate on abortion.

An Angus Reid opinion poll on Aug. 3, 2010,  revealed only 21% of Canadians realize that there are no laws to protect the unborn from the moment of conception till birth. The other 79% assume there are laws that give some degree of protection for the unborn.

So many Canadians are unaware of the horrific and insane Section 223.1 of the Canadian Criminal Code ( Cf: ) which states that the child in the woman is ‘not human’ until the moment it has completely proceeded in a living state from the body of its mother.

Such a law is ‘Demonic’ because it feeds the ‘Culture of Death’ and legalizes the slaughter and killing of the most innocent and helpless of all human beings in the womb of their mother.

I am convinced if Canadians knew all the facts, the whole ugly truth about abortion, they would without a second of hesitation, insist that the Canadian government re-instate laws to make abortion illegal.

I ask you sir, will it be part of your legacy to be remembered as the courageous Prime Minister of Canada, who cared enough for the helpless, innocent unborn, that he led his party to pass laws to put an end to aborterrorism which has already claimed the lives of well over three million Canadians within the wombs of women?

Or, will you be remembered as the ‘politically correct’ Prime Minister who continually denied a national debate on abortion and refused to let the Canadian voter exercise their democratic right to vote according to their conscience on this most critical issue of our time? Your ‘TIME’ is quickly running out to make the necessary life-giving decisions to restore a “Culture of LIFE” to Canada and give back to the unborn Canadians the most basic human right…the right to LIFE!

As Christians we know that we all have a legacy which will be “closely examined” by our Creator, when our time on earth is done and we appear individually before the Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ.

At that moment it will not be man-made laws judging us, but God’s law as written in his Holy Word, which is ultimately based on a “Culture of Life” and our love for God and our neighbour, which includes the unborn person in the womb.

Will you, as Prime Minister of Canada, put a stop to the blood bath of our unborn Canadians and grant Canadians their democratic right to vote, now, on this issue of life or death for our cherished unborn?


For the cause of Life, for the unborn.

Donald Andre Bruneau,

Pro-LIFE advocate, Ottawa, Ontario.

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