Ottawa veteran prolife advocate refutes prochoice journalist, Heather Mallick.

Cyril Winter protesting abortion on Bank St. Ottawa, Ontario, April 20, 2017

Cyril Winter protesting abortion on Bank St. Ottawa, Ontario, April 20, 2017


aborterrorism signMy Response to Heather Mallick’s Article About me and Other Pro-lifers

NOTE: This article is in response to:

Mendacious fear mongering and hate mongering. This is Heather Mallick’s technique to gain sympathy for her fellow baby-butchers. Considering the horrific mortal violence against the unborn, all of the disgusting killing that goes on each week on the third floor of 65 Bank St., it is actually a testament to the peacefulness of pro-life protesters that there has been so little violence there (and across Canada) since it opened many years ago. No Molotov cocktails to be afraid of, thank God, because the vast majority of pro-lifers, like myself follow Jesus as “The Prince of Peace”, are against any violence, wanting to preserve life rather than take it.

Because Muslims reject abortion, it is unlikely that Malala Yousafzai would support Mallick’s support of the cruel and abhorrent butchering of girls by aborterrorism that Shayna Hodson and Arlene Leibovitch perform and/or facilitate at their human butcher shop at 65 Bank St. (which they so euphemistically call a clinic in the worst of sanitized Orwellian word-speak).

I am the only afternoon witness, on the sidewalk just outside of the clinic, to this ongoing holocaust, this genocide in the wombs of about 50 mothers per week, paid for by our taxes. Mallick lied about the police not enforcing the bylaw, defaming them with libel just as she does so with me. The baby butchers were told by the police four years ago that the bylaw allows a single person to advertise outside 65 Bank St. against their baby-butchering. There must be no harassment. There is none on my part but plenty harassment of me by the baby-butchers.

I only communicate verbally when others communicate to me with their F-bombs or middle fingers or pop cans or spit, or pokes in the chest or other forms of aggression or violence. My peaceful and loving response is usually “Love the babies, in Jesus name.”

“Love the babies in Jesus name.”


If Mallick had been fair-minded enough to speak to me as well as my opponents, to watch me in action, then she would have known this. No other witnesses join me with other signs. I am the only one on Bank St. with pictures of the horrific aborterrorism that is perpetrated in the tens of thousands worldwide on a daily basis. The disgusting, horrific truth is that the “… cut-up bloodied meat..” that Mallick describes so vividly is the “meat” of the butchered girls (and/or boys). Mallick is defending the right of grown up girls to kill their tiny sisters in the womb, discriminating to death against those who are unfortunate enough to have not been able to make it out of their mothers’ wombs alive, as Mallick was fortunate enough to have been allowed to get out by her mother’s “choice” to let her live.

Mallick lied that I had directed the “… young man we’ll call N…” who had entered Leibovitch’s abortuary on the third floor of 65 Bank St.. Quite the opposite. She should have asked me, but then she would be faced with the truth which she hates.

Mallick lied that men and women stand outside of the clinic door ”tormenting” those entering the abortuary. Not so. People stop to address me often. Some are opponents and some are supporters of my message on my sign to passersby. I have no control over other people who wish to talk to me. Mallick just repeated clinic director Hodson’s lie that demonstrators cluster outside the door to torment them, without having the obvious fairness of speaking to me who is the object of the vicious hate. That never happened. There is only one protester at a time on that sidewalk. Visitors who want to talk to me are not demonstrators. They are simply people who come to talk to me. Some are pro-life, and some are pro unborn child killers. I cannot control other people; I can only defend myself against the violence of the frequent assaults, the threats and the abusive language of pro-aborts by me exhorting them to: “Love the babies, in Jesus name.”

Mallick lied, absurdly and boldly, saying: “Canada no longer has a prominent voice for abortion rights.”. Mallick knows full well that chief aborterrorist, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is that prominent voice. Trudeau has instructed all of his Liberal party members that they are not allowed to oppose abortion. This is Canada’s most prominent voice in favour of butchering babies in the womb (much to Canada’s shame).

Mallick’s next lie followed closely: “Abortion right’s are shrinking…” (in Canada). That’s absurd. Actually, there is no law against abortion. In Canada, women can butcher their babies all nine months in the womb. Even partial-birth abortion is allowed. Section 223.1 of Canada’s criminal code allows it, absurdly, insanely unscientifically declaring:
“When child becomes human being – A child becomes a human being within the meaning of this Act when it has completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother whether or not
(a) it has breathed,
(b) it has an independent circulation, or
(c) the navel string is severed.”
Canada is one of only about three countries in the world to have unrestricted abortion for all nine months in the womb, joining North Korea and Communist China. What more freedom to kill the unborn children is possible that Mallick could want – there is no greater abortion right possible. Talk about blood-lust to the “Nth degree”! Every pro-abort would love to have any mention of the truth about abortion completely censored and suppressed as was the case which M.P. Stephen Woodworth found out when, (about three years ago), he attempted to discuss it in Parliament and he was completely shut down, even by P.M. Harper. “The elephant is in the room.” (of killing unborn children), but no one wants to talk about it.

Discrimination to death by abortion of the millions of unborn children based on their place of residence in the womb versus outside of it continues worldwide as the greatest injustice that the world has ever known, this genocide of the unborn class of voiceless children, this holocaust against the innocent and defenceless tiny children hidden in the womb, this aborterrorism which makes the atrocities of ISIS pale in comparison based on scales of quantity and disgusting barbarity. It is covered up just because of the children’s inconvenience to the bloodthirsty, selfish mothers and fathers who want to get rid of the “problem” which they have created. “Out of sight is out of mind.”

Turning a blind eye to this barbarism is destroying civilization worldwide one butchered baby at a time no matter how much the killers sanitize it with twisted Orwellian word-speak and outright lies about the truth of the humanity of these unborn victims of horrific violence. Love has grown cold, as Jesus predicted for the end times. Prenatal science, and logic are denied in order to justify what is disgustingly unjust, with Canadian law S223.1 being the most powerful and therefor most egregious example of this injustice against these totally innocent victims. It contravenes our most basic Charter Right to Life with a mere illogical opinion of total discrimination that the unborn child is not human just because of its place of residence in the womb rather than outside of it, while the reality is that it can be nothing else but human since the child is the product of two humans with its unique DNA, with other characteristics like its sex being a boy half the time, the opposite of its mother. “Hide the truth” is the name of their game. When a mother wants her pregnancy, her unborn child, she joyfully exclaims “I’m having a baby”. It’s only when it is inconvenient and therefor unwanted, and she  wishes to kill it,  that she willingly listens to the Orwellian lies and then labels it “a piece of tissue”, or “just a fetus”, or most absurdly says that it is not alive even though she knows that her baby is growing inside her and that it is that very growth which she wants to stop by butchering it. Incredibly, several times, mothers on Bank St. have callously told me that they don’t care that it is murder because it is their “choice”. Well, my choice is on the side of God’s precious, innocent children, in the womb or outside of it. “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” wrote Dr. Seuss. How true! What happened to the honour once given to the great work of mothers, often expressed by the saying that “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. All fathers should, must, honour their wives as most valuable, loving mothers. This is the basis of Mothers’ Day.

This is not all about the mothers’ choice to kill their unborn children or not; it’s about the fundamental right to life of their unborn children. It’s about fundamental justice for a fellow totally innocent human being, no matter what the law so erroneously contends. It’s time for our lawmakers to acknowledge this fundamental right to life, to put a stop to this aborterrorism once and for all.

I’ll write my own version of Mallick’s last two paragraphs of her article of yellow journalism:
“Sitting on the step of the child butchering shop were two young killers plotting to butcher the child within one of their wombs. It’s an old story. One girl wants to kill her unborn child with her accomplice eagerly supporting her. Every clinic sees such brutal pairings daily. It made me sick at heart to know that another child was about to be torn limb from limb in another vicious, callous, horrific attack as part of the 100,000 unborn children butchered each year in Canada who are unprotected from this holocaust in the wombs, this genocide of the unborn class of our fellow Canadians in the ongoing aborterrorism which makes ISIS look mild in comparison with this.
Why are children like this not protected from harm?

If Canadians don’t want to have their consciences pricked by seeing pictures showing the truth about the “meat” of the babies who are butchered inside these human butcher shops that they so euphemistically call “clinics”, then they simply need to put an end to the killing with their votes against it. I invite pro-lifers, whether from the pulpits, in the pews, in media or in politics, to speak the truth about this ongoing slaughter of innocents. It is loving to tell the truth, and there is no love without the truth.

Repent and be saved. May Canada be blessed with all of God’s precious little creations.

Cyril D. Winter,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

April 23, 2017.

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