Roe vs Wade Supreme Court Decision in 2022, does not matter. Here’s why.

Prolifers are jubilant about the recent Supreme Court (USA) decision on Roe vs Wade. A great prolife victory they say.

As a prolife advocate and veteran (see ) I say: “I am not celebrating the victory, here’s why.

Had we not had massive deadly vaccinations since Covid19 Plandemic began, then, yes, the Roe vs Wade decision would be a great victory!

But, the fact is that for the past two years….the ‘FERTILITY’ of both males and females is under attack worldwide in a very demonic and aggressive way via the DEADLY VACCINES.

The very evil ‘New World Order and the World Economic Forum’, composed of the world’s super rich elites, want to DEPOPULATE 95% of the world, to reach a net population of a half billion slaves.

According to experts the vaccinated people will be dead within 3 to 4 years.

Those who manage to stay alive will be sick and STERILE.

The majority of pregnant woman who got vaccinated have miscarried.

Also non-vaxxed pregnant women who have worked next to the vaxxed, have suffered miscarriages. The elites evil agenda is to KILL as many humans as possible, now and the future humans via sterility caused by vaccines.

Only the UN-vaccinated, now called ‘Purebloods’ will be able to create children.

For proof of this simply go to and insert ‘vaccines, infertility’ in the search bar and you will get many videos asderting this fact.

Sadly, the majority of the people of the world have been lied to, brainwashed and filled with FEAR of dying with Covid19. Hence, they rushed to get tripple vaxxed!

The evil mainstream Media hid the Truth from the public that there is a proven 100% successfull CURE for Covid19–Hydroxychlroquine and Ivermectin.

Since Covid19 began I have made it my mission, and tried my best to WARN people. Most have, sadly, ignored my warnings. They have been tripple jabbed. This includes close family members. Day by day the ‘graphene oxide’ is destroying their blood cells, hence their immune system. Soon they will face DEATH.

I have also warned, as a Metis, every Metis Leader and Council, in every province in Canada, that the vaccines are deadly. NO RESPONSE! SAD. 85% of the eligible Metis have been vaxxed!

I sent them a short video via email and text message asking the Metis Leaders to read my article on my BLOG at

The article is titled: “Covid19 Vaccines! Here’s the TRUTH, not Main Stream Media LIES.”

I also asked the Metis Leaders to go to… and insert ‘vaccines’ in the search bar….which will give them dozens of truth-filled videos proving that the vaccines are deadly bio-weapons that kill!

I repeat, to all these warnings, NO RESPONSE from the Metis Leaders!


Now, do you understand why I am not overjoyed about the Roe vs Wade victory?

A huge black cloud of DEATH covers the earth, but ‘Praise God!’, there is still a REMNANT of UNvaccinated people….’Purebloods’ we now call them. There is still hope for humanity.

In Genesis 7, we read about the FLOOD which covered the whole earth, and how the REMNANT, i.e., Noah and his family escaped the Flood and continued anew the ‘human family’.

I truly believe that when all this vaccine killing is over, there will be a ‘new beginning’ and that the ‘purebloods’ will cherish every new birth, and have large families.

It will be a ‘New Beginning’ for the human race.

“Jesus, I Trust in You.”

“Mary, Mother of God, please pray for us.”

Joseph Donald Andre Bruneau,


June 25, 2022.

Feast Day of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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