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“Today Is My Birthday! I Am…9 Months + 66 Years Of Age!

 Today, February 2, 2013, is my Birthday! I am…9 months   +    66 years of age! And still growing…a little older though, today.  I thank God with all my heart that I am ‘alive’!  I rejoice today, because nine months plus sixty-six years ago my life ‘began’. Nine months prior to my ‘birth’ I was conceived. […]

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We must end aborterrorism

It is on behalf of the unborn, the voiceless ones, the defenseless ones, victims of ‘aborterorism’ that this website exposes the greatest evil of our times…abortion! You will see the TRUTH about abortion and you should never be the same after. Abortion is the worse form of terrorism. That is why I call the act […]

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Aborterrorism.ca uses only peaceful means to promote protection for the unborn.