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“Stark Contrast Of The Two Wombs.” by Donald Andre Bruneau

                                                                                                                            As I read and watched the news about the  “33 Chilean miners”  trapped in the mine underground on October 13, 2010, http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSN0925972620101013?irpc=932   it lead me to write a poem titled: “Stark Contrast Of The Two Wombs.”   The 33 miners made it out of Mother Earth ALIVE and had a ‘second chance’ at […]

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“R2P The Unborn: Whose Is It?”

In this nihilistic and selfish age where man is in ‘rebellion against God’, evil has taken over man’s heart . The consequence? Genocides throughout the world, so many that it has given birth to a new acronym “R2P’ which stands for ‘Responsibility To Protect’… human beings.  Genocides are “the deliberate and systematic destruction of a […]

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“Two Teen Girls Enter ‘Aborterrorism Centre’; Both Leave Within 5 Minutes! Mother Chose ‘LIFE’!

On January 16, 2013 when I visited my pro-life friend ‘Cy’ across the street from the 65 Bank St., Ottawa, he had great news for me! He believes an unborn baby was saved from the genocide of abortion!  I call abortion ‘Aborterrorism’  (cf: www.aborterrorism.ca ) the worst form of terrorism against the most innocent, most […]

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“Two Choices: God Made The Difference.” by Cy Winter

  Today: two women ; two choices. What a difference! One chose life and love for her unborn child. The other chose death and indifference . The following are the two stories.  At around one-thirty this afternoon, I saw a young woman (let’s call her Sandy) come out of the abortuary at 65 Bank St., here […]

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“When She Died, She Came “Face to Face’ With Her Murdered (aborted) Unborn Baby.”

“When She Died, She Came  ‘Face To Face’  With Her Murdered (Aborted) Unborn Baby.”  Today, I received a very moving and unusual visit on Parliament Hill, where I protest with my graphic signs against abortion. Alex, a middle-aged man who is very pro-life approached me and began conversation with a very serious demeanour.  He shared […]

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“A Canadian ‘Culture of Death’ where ‘Love is growing cold’.” : by Cy Winter.

Your big-picture question of “What’s happening to the Canadians and their Doctors?” (cf: www.LifeSiteNews.com : “Canadian Physicians: No to genital mutilation, yes to decapitation?, Aug 20, 2012 by Stephanie Gray.) may be partly answered morally in the context of the world-wide ‘Culture of Death’ of which Canada has been a leader in since our country legalized murder […]

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Aborterrorism: Comparing the “Abortion Holocaust” to “Terrorism”.

Yes, it is perfectly logical and justifiable to compare the “Abortion Holocaust” to “Terrorism”. LifeSiteNews has recently reported about a new video from ‘Priests for Life’ (c.f: Ultimatum:new video compares abortion holocaust with 9/11. (warning:graphic), by Kathleen Gilbert, August 7, 2012). This video makes the comparison between the abortion holocaust in the U.S.A and the […]

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