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“A Gay Pride Parade?! Show Them This.”

Have you heard of a Gay Pride Parade that is soon coming? Please tell them to read the following  “Gospel Condom”, by Bill Whatcott. It is a matter of ‘Life or Death’ that they know about this. This “Gospel Condom” is a message of ‘Love in Truth’ about homosexuality by a man who does what […]

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“SEX: False Love or True Love?”

“SEX: FALSE LOVE” Sinful, selfish sex Is the order of the day. If it feels good, do it. That’s what most of them say. Let’s indulge, they say. Let us satisfy our flesh. Matters not, the effects Of our sinful, selfish sex. “I’m not so sure I want you for life. You love me you […]

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“A Canadian ‘Culture of Death’ where ‘Love is growing cold’.” : by Cy Winter.

Your big-picture question of “What’s happening to the Canadians and their Doctors?” (cf: www.LifeSiteNews.com : “Canadian Physicians: No to genital mutilation, yes to decapitation?, Aug 20, 2012 by Stephanie Gray.) may be partly answered morally in the context of the world-wide ‘Culture of Death’ of which Canada has been a leader in since our country legalized murder […]

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