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“Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada” by Donald Andre Bruneau, B.Th., M.PTh.

Donald Andre Bruneau, protesting the horror of ‘aborterrorism’ on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.   OPEN LETTER To: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. By: Donald Andre Bruneau, B.Th., M.P.Th. November 22, 2015, Feast of Christ the King. “A Nation that kills its own children is a Nation without hope.” Pope John Paul 11, […]

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“Choose Life, Don’t Choose Abortion, Don’t Say “Yes” To The PILL.” by ‘Rose Nadeau’.

Personal Testimony of  “Rose Nadeau”  on the  ‘Birth Control Pill’ Note by Donald Andre Bruneau: “The ‘image’ Rose refers to in her testimony is found above the poem: “Unborn Human Embryos, Babies: Both God’s Preciousness.”  found in the Blog of www.striveforheavenow.ca. I sent her the poem, and being the creative artist that she is, I […]

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“Unborn Human Embryos, Babies: Both God’s Preciousness.”

“Unborn Human Embryos, Babies: Both God’s Preciousness.”   Time and life are precious, They give us time to love, Time to have God’s preciousness. Unborn embryos, babies, most precious. Created in God’s Image, To live, to love and be loved. Today, in the billions, Human embryos, starved to death. Today, in the millions, Human babies, […]

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“My Response To Official Opposition Leader, Thomas Mulcair’s Claim That Christian Sexual Beliefs Violate Canadian Law.” By Donald Andre Bruneau, Feb 16, 2013.

Dear member of Parliament,   This letter is my response to Mr. Thomas Mulcair’s claim that Christian sexual beliefs violate Canadian Law.  What follows next in my open letter is said in a ‘spirit of love and compassion’, and not with any hatred or malice towards homosexuals.  There is a law that is ‘Supreme’, that […]

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