The Movie ‘Unplanned’: A Veteran Prolifer’s Opinion.

‘Unplanned’ is about Planned Parenthood, aborterrorism and much more. I recently viewed the controversial movie ‘Unplanned’ in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. Unplanned is based on the true story of a book written by Abby Johnson, a former director of Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood’s main focus is on the abortion of babies and the selling of baby parts. This fact is well documented at . It is a multi-billion dollar bloody baby killing business.

As a veteran pro-life advocate (see ) I greatly appreciated seeing the movie twice. It exposes what Planned Parenthood’s mission truly is: the barbaric killing of babies in the womb.

Abby Johnson had a ‘conversion’ experience from the ‘pro-choice’ mindset to becoming a very strong ‘pro-life’ advocate. This tremendous moment of her conversion occured when she was unexpectedly asked to assist the doctor in doing a first trimester abortion. Abby ‘saw’ on the monitor the baby moving in the womb. She also saw it move backwards away from the doctor’s instrument that he was inserting into the womb to kill it by the ‘aspiration’ (suction) method of abortion. She saw the baby being sucked into the powerful suction tube, feet first, quickly disappearing as it was shredded to bits. Abby was shocked by seeing this sudden terroristic action inflicted upon this baby. She was instantly converted to being ‘prolife’.

It was by ‘seeing’ an abortion that Abby was converted to a prolife mindset and left Planned Parenthood very soon after.

Now what brought this about? As a Christian, I truly believe it was the power of ‘prayer’. Every day many people, such as those belonging to ‘40 Days for Life’ came outside the Planned Parenthood clinic and prayed for those entering the clinic to abort their babies including those who worked there such as Abby Johnson. Abby’s conversion was the fruit of, the outcome of these incessant daily prayers.

On the eve of my 2nd viewing of Unplanned, i interviewed ‘Louise and Richard’immediately after the movie.

Louise said this: “I think this movie was so touching, so appealing. I think everybody should come and see this movie. The movie will open your eyes to the truth.They keep talking about women’s rights, it’s my body, it’s my right. What about the baby’s right? What about God’s right? God has the right over you, over what you decide. We all forget, someday were all gonna die. We will have to answer to God for what we did to these babies.” (see 5 minute video of my full interview of Louise and Richard at Donald Andre Bruneau, Youtube )

Richard said this: “If people keep believing that everything is okay, they are dead wrong. This is ‘Timmins’, Timmins with a ‘Heart of Gold’. Wake up, Oh Canada, wake up! Wake up to real life. Canada is supposed to be a land of hope, love and not killing. Why are you killing children? Why do you allow our Prime Minister to kill children with your tax dollars? It’s not the right way. Pray, pray, and pray more. We need your help.”

On my first viewing of Unplanned, I interviewed ‘Jenny and Tammy’. They both had very interesting comments to make. The essence of their opinions was that pregnant mothers need to be informed of the other ‘options’, the help that is available for them after the birth of their baby. It was also said that they were sacrificing, aborting the child for what they wanted, for convenience. The end of my interview showed how the movie is bringing ‘hope’ to those who have aborted, that God’s mercy is available for those who seek it out sincerely, with a deep repentance and how this is all brought about by ‘prayer’.

Prayer is the key to winning this spiritual battle against the Culture of Death’ (Full video of my interview of Jenny and Tammy can be seen at Donald Andre Bruneau, YouTube.)

I believe Unplanned will have a great impact in reducing abortions worldwide, because, just as Abby Johnson ‘saw’ the evil and truth of abortion, those who see the movie will understand the real agenda of Planned Parenthood. Their agenda is the killing of babies and the selling of baby parts. It is a multi-billion dollar business!

As noted by one of my interviewees, ‘Jenny’, the scenes about abortion in Unplanned were ‘gorry and graphic’ to a certain degree, but I believe they only give you a ‘glimpse’ into the barbaric, bloody and deadly procedures of abortion. That is why I spent seven+ years on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada with a sandwich board which showed graphic signs of abortion: to expose the ‘truth’ about abortion. For those who want to know the facts and see videos and graphic images of what abortion really is, go to . When people ‘see’ the truth about abortion, many get very upset because they are reminded of the abortions they committed. However, many like Abby Johnson, have a conversion to pro-life when they see the truth and repent and turn to God’s Mercy.

As ‘Linda Gibbons’, a well known pro-life advocate said to me in a letter from prison: “Expose! Expose! Expose!” Linda meant to say…expose the horrific truth of abortion.

I thank God for a movie like Unplanned and all the dedicated prolifers throughout the world who expose the ugly truth about abortion. Two very notable prolife warriors who I know personnally very well are Fr. Tony VanHee, S.J., and Cyril D. Winter (RIP). Fr. Tony spent 28+ years amongst the public on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada. There he showed several graphic signs of abortion. Fr. Tony has now left Parliament Hill in early 2019 to go on Bank St., Ottawa. He advocates for ‘Free Speech’ just outside of the infamous ‘Bubble Zone’ on Bank Street. Where abortions are done at 65 Bank St. Ottawa. Cyril Winter spent 7+ years on Bank St. For five of those years he was stationed only 12 feet away from the entrance to 65 Bank St. where they barbarically kill babies. Videos of Fr. Tony and Cyril can be seen at Donald Andre Bruneau, YouTube.

I have named abortion ‘aborterrorism’ over 12 years ago. On my website I maintain that abortion is the worst form of terrorism on the face of the earth. So far no journalist has had the courage to use the term ‘aborterrorism’. There will come a day when they will have to use it.

I repeat Louise’s words: “I think this movie was so touching, so appealing. I think everyone should come and see this movie.” To hear the opinions of Jenny, Tammy, Louise and Richard, whom I interviewed right after the movie, go to Donald Andre Bruneau, YouTube and watch the videos.

Together, let us pray and conquer the Culture of Death, one baby at a time, one Abby Johnson at a time. God will do amazing things through all prolifers who surrender completely to God’s will, as Abby Johnson did.

Donald Andre Bruneau, July 22, 2019. Timmins, Ontario, Canada

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