“Today Is My Birthday! I Am…9 Months + 66 Years Of Age!

 Today, February 2, 2013, is my Birthday! I am…9 months   +    66 years of age! And still growing…a little older though, today.

 I thank God with all my heart that I am ‘alive’!

 I rejoice today, because nine months plus sixty-six years ago my life ‘began’. Nine months prior to my ‘birth’ I was conceived. I was conceived in that ‘special moment’ when my Dad’s sperm penetrated Mom’s egg. Then I quickly ‘grew’ and ‘grew’. I was then in Mom’s womb as I am today still…’a human being’ and still growing…a little older though, now.

 Genetic science and ultrasound technology has proven that my ‘humanity’ began at that ‘precious moment’ i.e., at ‘conception’ as is the case for every human being. http://www.christiananswers.net/q-sum/q-life000.html .

 It is so comforting and precious to know that God knew of my life in my mother’s womb and my birth before it even began. It shows how our life is willed by God.

 “Before I formed thee in the bowels of thy mother, I knew thee:” (Jeremiah 1:5)

 When we tamper with ‘human life’ we have to reckon with God eventually.  As a pro-life advocate on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I often tell visitors that Canadian law in Section 223 (1) of the Criminal Code (Cf:  http://yourlaws.ca/criminal-code-canada/223-when-child-becomes-human-being ) states that the baby in the womb of a woman is ‘not human’ until it is completely outside the womb of its mother. So Canadians legally abort and kill the baby at any stage of its growth in the womb! I call it ‘aborterrorism’, the worst form of terrorism on this earth!

 It ‘magically’ becomes a human being the moment it is completely outside of the womb of its mother! I say to people: “I’ve never heard of one of these baby humans in the womb come out ‘barking’ or ‘meowling’. They have always come out of the womb looking like you and I. So what was ‘it’ for nine months, if it was not ‘human’?

 I direct this question to everyone, but especially to people like our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper and all those M.Ps who voted against ‘Motion 312’ on September 26th, 2012. Their ‘vote’ is now recorded in the annals of ‘history’. History will show their shameful and sinful cooperation with the ‘Culture of Death’. (cf: http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/sunnews/politics/archives/2012/09/20120926-185722.html )

 Motion 312 would have allowed Science to prove that what is in the womb for nine months IS a human being! So does God’s Word prove it and plain logical common sense knows it. Every woman knows it. Sadly many won’t admit it.

 Anyone who states that the baby in the womb is not human declares a worldview that walks ‘hand in hand’ with the ‘Culture of Death’. (cf: http://ocw.nd.edu/peace-studies/catholicism-and-politics/lectures/evangelium-vitae )

 Every human life is sacred, created in the image and likeness of God.

 “And God created man to his own image: to the image of God he created him: male and female he created them:” (Genesis 1:27)

 Every human life deserves to fully live out its life. Even disabled people want to live and should be protected under the law. A few days ago while walking on Bank Street in Ottawa, I saw a crippled man in an electric wheelchair, in very cold, windy weather, darting across the street. His body, his hands and feet immobile. It was only by a stick connected  from the wheelchair controls to his mouth that allowed him to get around. He seemed to be so ‘purpose driven’, even though he is handicapped.

 Every life at every stage of life is so precious, for example the unborn baby with ‘Down’s Syndrome’. Today they are ‘targetted for abortion. Ninety percent of  Down Syndrome unborn babies are aborted. (cf:http://www.lifenews.com/2011/04/19/90-of-down-syndrome-children-aborted-survivors-bring-joy )

 Minutes after I saw that man in the wheelchair, I visited  my pro-life friend, ‘Cy’ who protests against abortion in front of the abortion centre at 65 Bank St., Ottawa.

 He told me that he received a wonderful visit from an elderly gentleman. The man said to Cy as he was examining Cy’s graphic abortion sign:

  “In life the two most important things are..(1) to love God with all our heart, soul and mind and (2) our neighbour as ourselves” (cf: Luke 10:27)…(pause in conversation) Then with a tone of sobriety he added: “ Including the unborn.”

 When Cy shared this with me, this resonated very deeply with me. You see, I brushed shoulders with death twice in the last six weeks. (cf: www.striveforheavennow.ca  and go to Blog.) So on my birthday, which I almost never lived to celebrate, “life” is something. I don’t take for granted anymore. I appreciate every minute of it, just as the unborn would!

 My mother expressed this so well to me one day as I was caring for her in the Nursing Home. She said:


 “Time is precious,

It gives us time to love,

Time to have God’s preciousness..”

 (Leona Bruneau-Deschenes, Dec 26, 2005.)


 To her words of wisdom I will add my thoughts today:


                                          “Human life begun in the womb,

Is a ‘gift of life’ from God.


Life gives us time to love,

Time to love God and our neighbour.


Including the unborn baby in the womb

In the womb of its ‘mother’.


Mother, say ‘yes’ to ‘my’ human life,

Yes, its in your womb.”


 Donald Andre Bruneau

 February 4, 2013.




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