“Unborn” ….a special poem by “Cy Winter”


“Out of sight

is out of mind.”:

No more!


To forget

That you exist,

You precious little gift,

Is a denial of your pain.


Your silent screams

Fall on deaf ears

Like forgotten dreams

In last night’s tears,

Leaving me in mourning.

With the coming of the morning.


“Raechel weeps for her children

For they are no more.”,

Torn from their wombs,

“Untimely ripped.”.


No tombs

To mark their passing.

Slaughtered innocents

Tossed in graves

Of unmarked garbage bins

Allow us to pretend anew

That you’re not  “you” :

A human too,

Without voices to complain

Of hidden pain.


Loving instincts

Grown stone cold;

Consciences killed

To make us bold

When baby is killed.


We adults take

Our selfish ease;

Our appetities,

We must appease

At babe’s expense:

No more please!



Puts them on death row;

A few months only:

No appeals.


Love’s gone cold,

We soon reveal

A heart of stone

To those we kill.

No “joy of man’s desiring.” ;

Only breasts empty of milk.


What are life’s goals?

No fruit of our loins

For posterity:

Gone missing from humanity.


I say: “Be born: unborn

Hopes for our posterity.”

In peace and love

At home and heart,

Sources of joy

In life,

Not death.


Cy Winter, Feruary 25, 2004.

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