A person’s a person, created in HIS Image.

In regards to ‘abortion’, what should Canadians think, what does God think of anyone who does not believe and admit that the unborn child/baby in the womb of a woman is a person, a human being, created in the Image of God, from the moment of conception till its natural death? God’s Holy Word, and […]

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CANADA: “Say ‘No!’ to abortion

CANADA Say ‘No!’ to abortion. “A person’s a person, no matter how small! (1) Life is God’s gift and should be given to all.   What right do we have to murder in the womb? What right do we have to bury unborn children in tombs?   A child in the womb is human, like […]

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“Fiercely Pro-choice” or “A Committed Pro-Lifer?”

 An American visitor approached me on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, as I was standing by the ‘Flame’ with my graphic signs, protesting abortion. He said: “You know, myself, personally I’m for a ‘woman’s right to choose’–but I have a brother who is fiercely pro-life! Yup, he is fiercely pro-life!” He put a lot of stress […]

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“A person’s a person, no matter how SMALL!”

by Donald Andre Bruneau Horton heard a Who!  and comes to their rescue, to save their lives! (c.f: “Horton Hears a Who! by Dr. Seuss) Pro-life M.P. Stephen Woodworth also heard a call to save lives. He knows, like Horton, that “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” With Motion 312, he’s now on […]

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A Reflection: by Donald Andre Bruneau

Each unborn Canadian in the womb of its mother is crying out for dear life… Canadians, please, let me live! Just as we live today, so does the unborn baby greatly desire to live out the ‘rest’ of its life, to come out of the womb of its mother, alive, in one piece. The unborn […]

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Protest Against Motion 312

Watch the Concordia University T.V interview with Donald on The ‘Hill’ April 25/12 when abhout 100 pro-choice ‘Radical Handmaids, came to protest against MP Stephen Woodworth’s motion.

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Will you be merciful to that life within the womb?

An Open Letter to Prime Miniter Harper and Members of Parliament: I am writing  to you on behalf of those unborn Canadians who have not and will not make it outside of their mother’s womb — alive. They are the victims of aborterrorism. To fully realize what “aborterrorism” is I invite you and all Canadians to go […]

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We must end aborterrorism

It is on behalf of the unborn, the voiceless ones, the defenseless ones, victims of ‘aborterorism’ that this website exposes the greatest evil of our times…abortion! You will see the TRUTH about abortion and you should never be the same after. Abortion is the worse form of terrorism. That is why I call the act […]

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Welcome to Aborterrorism!

My name is Donald Andre Burneau. I  coined the term “Aborterrorism.” Abortion is the worse form of terrorism as it occurs daily, hourly, in the womb of pro-choice women, in today’s “Culture of Death”. My hope is that this website will accomplish the following: 1)      To Save: The purpose of Aborterorism.ca is to save the unborn […]

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Aborterrorism.ca uses only peaceful means to promote protection for the unborn.