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Will you be merciful to that life within the womb?

An Open Letter to Prime Miniter Harper and Members of Parliament: I am writing  to you on behalf of those unborn Canadians who have not and will not make it outside of their mother’s womb — alive. They are the victims of aborterrorism. To fully realize what “aborterrorism” is I invite you and all Canadians to go […]

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We must end aborterrorism

It is on behalf of the unborn, the voiceless ones, the defenseless ones, victims of ‘aborterorism’ that this website exposes the greatest evil of our times…abortion! You will see the TRUTH about abortion and you should never be the same after. Abortion is the worse form of terrorism. That is why I call the act […]

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Welcome to Aborterrorism!

My name is Donald Andre Burneau. I  coined the term “Aborterrorism.” Abortion is the worse form of terrorism as it occurs daily, hourly, in the womb of pro-choice women, in today’s “Culture of Death”. My hope is that this website will accomplish the following: 1)      To Save: The purpose of is to save the unborn […]

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