A Miscarriage, Two Sorrows

Last Wednesday, (July 11, 2012) a woman told me of her deep pain because of a recent miscarriage of her ten week old baby which she held in her hand after it had died. She went back to her SUV and sobbed for five minutes before she could drive away. Her grief was awful to behold.

My own sorrow was great too as I realized that she was a victim of abortion which denies her sorrow and adds to her grief. I was protesting at the abortion clinic with my horrific picture of a butchered ten week old unborn baby (same age as hers), trying to stop the killing of the millions of babies like hers which she had so much wanted.

She had chosen life for her baby while so many chose death for theirs at these abortuaries. The cruelty of all this irony is terrible. This is just another reason why the butchering of these innocent unborn babies must be stopped: to prevent more such victimization and anguish of the innocent: the unborn and the born. May God console her, I couldn’t.”

Note: The above testimony is from a pro-life friend, “Cy Winter”, whose testimony I heard first hand on July 16th in front of the abortuary on 65 Bank St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Cy protests here every day. This encounter which Cy describes, deeply touched him and has given him all the more determination to keep up his mission to save the babies and the mothers from the horrors of abortion. (per Donald Andre Bruneau)

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