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“On ‘Ash Wednesday’ I Offered God’s Love and Mercy To A ‘prodigal son’ during My Abortion Protest.”

Today was ‘Ash Wednesday’, the beginning of ‘Lent’. I attended Mass and received the ‘ashes’. Lent is a 40-day journey of  ‘prayer and fasting and almsgiving’. It is a time of grace in which to adopt the ‘attitude’ of the prophet Daniel who said: “I turnedto the Lord, pleading in earnest prayer, with fasting, sackcloth and […]

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“Christmas and Abortion. Side By Side! Why!?”

This Christmas, besides wishing everyone a “Merry Christmas”, and not a “Happy Holiday”, make it an opportunity to speak out against ‘abortion’ . Speak the truth about abortion in love.  It is a very intense spiritual battle between the ‘Culture of Death’ and the ‘Culture of Life’. The choice is made so clear in John […]

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“Choose Life, Don’t Choose Abortion, Don’t Say “Yes” To The PILL.” by ‘Rose Nadeau’.

Personal Testimony of  “Rose Nadeau”  on the  ‘Birth Control Pill’ Note by Donald Andre Bruneau: “The ‘image’ Rose refers to in her testimony is found above the poem: “Unborn Human Embryos, Babies: Both God’s Preciousness.”  found in the Blog of www.striveforheavenow.ca. I sent her the poem, and being the creative artist that she is, I […]

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“Unborn Human Embryos, Babies: Both God’s Preciousness.”

“Unborn Human Embryos, Babies: Both God’s Preciousness.”   Time and life are precious, They give us time to love, Time to have God’s preciousness. Unborn embryos, babies, most precious. Created in God’s Image, To live, to love and be loved. Today, in the billions, Human embryos, starved to death. Today, in the millions, Human babies, […]

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“Feedback On “Free Mark Warawa Rally” of April 15, 2013.”

We held our “Free Mark Warawa Rally.” (cf: https://www.aborterrorism.ca/free-mark-warawa-rally-at-freedom-flame-on-parliament-hill-ottawa-ontario-by-cyril-winter ) on April 15, 2013.  Even though this was an 11th hour decision that pro-life advocate “Cy Winter” made, I wholeheartedly supported him because of the huge importance and significance of the motives behind this rally.  It was done to bring attention to the great threats […]

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“Unborn.” A Poem by “Cy Winter”

UNBORN “Out of sight Is out of Mind.” Are we, so bright, Out of our minds? No more! To forget That you exist, You precious little gift, Is a denial of your pain. Your silent screams Fall on deaf ears, Like forgotten dreams In last night’s tears, Leaving me in mourning With the coming of […]

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