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“Momny, Please Let Me Live!”

Deadliest place in Canada: a woman’s womb. This poem was written in 2005 (approx). It saved a life, in Timmins, Ontario. A pregnant woman read my poem. This was her 2nd pregnancy. The first pregnancy was aborted. The baby was killed in the womb. After she read my poem she decided to not abort this […]

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“Open Letter To All Pro-lifers.”

How do we ‘throw down the gauntlet’ in this Culture of Death? Recently, I read, in an email, an article titled: “Sort of like ‘Netflix’, only prolife.”, by Debbie Duval of Campaign Life Coalition. In her article, Debbie states: “We need to throw down the gauntlet in this war against the Culture of Death.” I […]

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“Planning to get the vaccine?! Read this first!

To everyone planning to get VACCINATED: please read this first: your LIFE depends on it. Why? Why?…Would anyone want to take a deadly vaccine for a (Covid19) virus that is less dangerous than the seasonal flue and has a 99.7 RECOVERY RATE. Also, why? When there are proven CURES for Covid19: 1- Hydroxychloroquine, plus zinc, […]

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Citizens of Northern Ireland, do not let Sinn Fein bring ‘aborterrorism’ into your country.

 The political party ‘Sinn Fein’ is attempting to unleash the worst form of terrorism upon it’s people in Northern Ireland. This terrorism is called ‘aborterrorism’. ( Aborterrorism, the abortion of a baby, torn apart piece by piece, occurs daily, hourly, in Canada, in what should be the safest place in the world–the womb of a […]

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Ottawa veteran prolife advocate refutes prochoice journalist, Heather Mallick.

  My Response to Heather Mallick’s Article About me and Other Pro-lifers NOTE: This article is in response to: Mendacious fear mongering and hate mongering. This is Heather Mallick’s technique to gain sympathy for her fellow baby-butchers. Considering the horrific mortal violence against the unborn, all of the disgusting killing that goes on each […]

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