“Two Choices: God Made The Difference.” by Cy Winter

  Today: two women ; two choices. What a difference! One chose life and love for her unborn child. The other chose death and indifference . The following are the two stories.

 At around one-thirty this afternoon, I saw a young woman (let’s call her Sandy) come out of the abortuary at 65 Bank St., here in Ottawa, and she walked right over to me, and I thought: “Oh, Oh! I’m going to catch hell again.” You see, I regularly walk an anti-abortion vigil on that sidewalk opposite the abortuary.  To my surprise, the little lady just quietly smiled and looked at my sign that showed ”God’s Babies” in all of their aborted horror.

I finally asked her: “May I help you.” and she simply answered that she had decided not to have her abortion. Dumbstruck, I asked her what made her change her mind, and she very quietly said: “God would be angry with me.”. Rather apologetically she said that she already had two other children. I suggested adoption and she said that someone she knew would adopt this one. Once again she said: “I don’t want God to be angry with me.”.

She asked a strange question then: “What is on the other side of your sign?” I said “nothing on the other side, showing her”, then the light bulb went on in my head. She wanted to see a picture of a beautiful baby to reassure herself. I pulled from my pocket a beautiful brochure entitled “How You Began”, full of beautiful pictures of both unborn and born babies at various ages. As we looked at them she smiled a big one and told me that her baby was 12 weeks, then she said, three months, just to make sure that I understood, and we found a picture of one at ten weeks. “Just two weeks younger than yours”, I said. I told her: “God is very happy, and so am I. And you and your baby are going to be happy too.” She smiled again and left with the brochure to wait with her friend and look it over back on the other side of the street.

I watched until her ride picked her up. She didn’t wave back at me, but I know she is in God’s hands, just as we all are if we only let Him. Baby saved, and souls saved. Like I said to her, “The angels are rejoicing with God in heaven.”, and I thought, “Me too!” Thank You, Lord! And thank you Sandy for sharing that with me. You made my year.


About a half hour later, a fifty-ish woman (let’s call her Ann) came and sarcastically asked: “Have you ever had a baby? What do you know about it? , and, What about rape?” I just said: “It’s a terrible thing, of course.” Then she told me that she had had an abortion after her second child. She said that the first thing that her husband had said to her when she told him that she was pregnant again was: “When are you going to have an abortion?” She hadn’t considered adoption. I asked her : “Do you believe in God?” And she answered: “Yes.”. She then said that the baby would have miscarried soon after anyway, repeating that a little later, showing some twinge of conscience.

When I asked her what God would think of her killing her baby, and His creation, she simply said: “I learned early on to do what’s best for me.” As she walked away I wished her : “May God bless you with a conversion.”, to which she answered: ”I won’t likely change my mind.”, to which I said ”Well, may God bless you anyway.”; and we left it at that.

 God teaches us in amazing ways, dramatically juxtaposing and contrasting for me the choices and values of these two women. Both women with two children already; both considering aborting their third child; one choosing adoption while the other not; one wanting to please God by choosing life and love for her unborn child, the other wanting to please herself by choosing death and indifference. Souls saved for God, and souls lost to God. Sandy chose to love God and her child, and that has made all the difference. What a gift faith is! We can only pray for Ann; may she find repentance, redemption and happiness. May God bless them both for He wants all souls to be saved with Him in heaven.

 Cy Winter, Thursday, November 29, 2012, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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